Scores posted for races through week 4 of 7

We’ve had 70 boats start in the 13 races that have been held so far through week 4 of 7 in the Fall RC Laser Series.

All competitors are currently qualified, needing for their RC Laser to start in at least 60% of the races.

Using a “batting average” model to calculate how many boats that have been defeated, based on how many each boat raced against and beat, here are the standings through 9/27/2010:

.886 Bill Blevins 62/70 boats
.706 Jonathan Gorbold 36/51 boats
.607 Gary Schmidt 37/61 boats
.485 Jack Bennett 32/66 boats
.443 Nelson Habecker 31/70 boats
.424 George Walter 28/66 boats

We are scoring the seven-week Fall Series (and also the seven-week Frostbite Series) by itself using the Appendix A low points method and also scoring the whole year using the CHIPS3 High Point model. In the traditional scoring models, we are throwing out 40% of the races but requiring 60% participation to be qualified for each series. Full details of the race results can be found on our results page.

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