Wind Shifts, Current and Weeds Shake Up RC Results

Do you think we could we could find any better weather for the RC Laser Frostbite Series than what we saw yesterday? Wow! Mid-November temperatures were in the low 60’s and we only felt a few sprinkles of rain during racing on Sunday.

Week 4 results are in the books (and posted on this site) and so now there are only three more weeks to go in the series and before we break for the Holidays.

Yesterday, six RC Laser sailors got off five two-lap windward leeward races in what turned out to be very light winds in Holiday Harbor although out on the lake we could see a stiff breeze blowing.

As it turns out, south-southwest winds are fairly well shielded by townhouses and trees and winds from the Southerly direction seem to create a fairly strong fluctuating current in the channels at Holiday Harbor. This current carried in a lot of floating weeds that tangled everyone’s keel or rudder at one point during the day.

Nelson Habecker sailed to three guns yesterday for the RC Lasers with Gary Schmidt taking the remaining two first places.

A seventh model remote control boat was on the starting line with the RC Lasers yesterday. Kirk, a fellow RC sailor from the Rochester Area Model Yachting Association saw the mention of our fleet frostbiting in Don Finkel’s RCR Yachts Racer’s News on November 3, 2010 and he came and participated in our races with his Soling One Meter remote control model boat. The jib sail on his Soiling proved to be a benefit over the uni rigged RC Lasers using only their “B” rigs in the light, shifty winds and fairly noticeable current in the channel. The Soling One Meter was right up at the front of the pack in four out of five of the races yesterday.

The RC season has ended in Rochester so there are several other Soling sailors who may visit next week. If so, we’ll give them their own start.

In other news, there is no word yet on the status of the “A” rigs and sails that are on backorder. The RC Laser National Class Mid-Atlantic fleet captain says that the sails were ordered and shipment was expected back in March of 2010. There are many fleet members across the country waiting on the sails, not just the new members in our fleet. We’ll post an update here as soon as there is any word or a more recent status report.

RC Laser racing on Sunday, Nov. 21 and on Dec. 5 will be held at Holiday Harbor. We’ll discuss the venue for November 28th next week and post on the site.

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