2011 Squaw Island Race Sailing Instructions


Canandaigua, New York RC Laser Fleet 14


May 28, 2011

Rules: The regatta shall be governed by the rules as defined in the current Racing Rules of Sailing, as amended by Appendix E for RC sailing, prescriptions of US Sailing, class rules of the RC Laser Class of North America and further Sailing Instructions as mandated by the Race Director (RD) who also has the authority during the course of the event to make changes which will be announced to the competitors.

Eligibility: The regatta is open to all RC Lasers conforming to RC Laser Class Rules.

Entry: Eligible boats may be entered by submitting the attached Entry Form prior to the Skippers Meeting on May 28, 2011, with an entry fee of $10.00 per boat.

Location: Canandaigua Yacht Club (CYC), 3524 West Lake Road, Canandaigua, NY 14424

Race Course: The RD will announce the course at the skippers meeting. The Turn Mark shall be a large yellow inflatable buoy located about 1 nautical mile north of the start and finish dock, near Squaw Island. The race will be from CYC to Squaw Island, around the turn mark, leaving it to port, and then back to CYC.

Start: The south concrete dock will be designated as the starting and finishing dock. This changes Rule E3.7. A two-minute audible countdown sequence will be used and the goal is to begin the race promptly at 2 PM. Boats must be out of the water at the beginning of the two-minute countdown sequence. Boats shall be launched from the starting dock after the start signal sounds.

Finish: A boat is considered to have finished when the skipper retrieves it from the water from the finishing dock after successfully navigating the entire course.

Time Limit: The time limit will be 4 hours.  If the first boat has not finished within 4 hours of the start, the race will be abandoned and the party will begin. If a boat does finish within the time limit, all others will be allowed to finish but the party will still begin at 6 PM.

Shortened Course: After the starting signal the course may be shortened with 2 sounds or abandoned with 3 sounds without displaying flags. This changes Rule 32.

Sail Changes: Sails may not be changed during the race.

Outside Help: Rule E5.6 will not apply.

Launching and Re-launching: “Rule 45 is changed to (a) Boats scheduled to race in a heat may be launched, taken ashore or re-launched at any time during the race except between the preparatory and starting signals. (b) While ashore or at the water’s edge or on a chase boat, boats may be adjusted, drained of water or repaired; have entangled objects removed; or have batteries changed.” This changes E4.4. Also see “Chase Boat Rules” below.

Radio Communications: VHF radios are not required and will not be used to communicate changes to the sailing instructions. The RD will monitor VHF channel 9 as well as mobile phone number #585-729-6779.

Protests: It is the responsibility of a right-of-way (ROW) skipper to call a protest against a fouling boat. Please solve your disputes on the water. If there is a remaining protest after the race, see the RD immediately upon finishing.

Marks: You may touch the yellow Turn Mark by Squaw Island. This changes Rule 31. The Squaw Island Turn Mark must be rounded to port. There will be a large orange inflatable buoy placed at approximately half the distance between CYC and Squaw Island. It is not a mark of the course and is only to be used for reference purposes and can be passed on either side. You can even run into the orange mark if you wish. You may also hit the start / finish dock, but do so at your own risk. It is made out of concrete.

Retiring Boats: Boats retiring from the race shall notify the RD as soon as possible.

Scoring: The race will be scored under the Low Point System described in the Racing Rules of Sailing Appendix A and the event will consist of only one race.

Personal Flotation Devices: Rule E1.4 is changed to “When on board a rescue boat or chase boat, each competitor is responsible for wearing a personal flotation device adequate for the conditions.”

Chase Boat Rules:

  1. All racing sailboats have the right of way over chase boats.
  2. Chase boats shall not cause a wake that impedes or helps a racing boat.
  3. Chase boats shall not cause a wind shadow which affects any racing boat.
  4. Chase boats shall be completely stopped with the motor in neutral before hauling a race boat for any purpose and remain in that state until the sailboat is launched again.
  5. When chase boats stop to haul, they must do so in a position that does not interfere with other racing boats.

Prizes: A Crystal Head will be awarded to the skipper who completes the course in the fastest time. Other positions awarded as we find things to give away.

Party: A cookout on the waterfront will follow racing for all skippers and crew.


2011 Squaw Island Sailing Instructions (.pdf / .doc file download)
2011 Squaw Island Entry Form (.pdf / .doc file download)
2011 Squaw Island Notice of Race (.pdf / .doc file download)


Our Race Director and PRO for the 2011 Squaw Island Race will be Keith Calkins.

See you on Saturday!

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