Creative Starts And Scoring Methods For Spring Series

We decided to only count first place wins in the Spring Series. Every first place win during the 7 week series, or about 60 races, will garner that skipper a special award (for each win!)

After 3 of 7 weeks, here’s how the skippers are stacking up:

With 7 wins, Gary Schmidt is in the lead. Bill Blevins has 5 first place finishes. Bill Schmidt, one of our newest members, has 3 firsts. Coming in with two each are Jack Bennett, David Turnbull and Jonathan Gorbold. George Walter is on the board with one bullet.

Now, to shake things up even more, we’re going to move to staggered starts for weeks 4 through 7 of the series. Here’s how it will work.

Any RC Laser skipper with fewer than 3 wins will get to start at the one minute mark during our two-minute countdown sequence. Skippers with 3 wins but fewer than 6 wins can start at the 30 second mark. Skippers with more than 6 wins have to start at the normal start time at 00 seconds.

A skipper can opt out of this starting advantage and start with the scratch boats at the 00 mark.

The goal is to help spread out the pack of boats on the starting line as well as to get the field finishing closer together with the fastest boats catching the slower or new boats on the final leg of the race.

The overall 2011 batting averages will still be calculated for every skipper. The latest batting averages file has been updated on the results tab of this site.

The RC Laser “Offshore” Squaw Island Race is this weekend. We are still hoping for additional powerboats to be available at 2 p.m. to carry skippers from CYC to Squaw Island and back. The Sailing Instructions should be finished and posted on this site by Thursday.

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