The Eight-Legged Race Is This Saturday

Start getting your crew trained and prepared for this weekend’s Eight-Legged Race!

This will be a RC Laser relay race where we’ll set out marks off of the south end of the docks at CYC and then announce courses that each have 4 legs.

Each RC Laser with a skipper and 3 crew members (eight legs, get it?) will take turns navigating the race course, passing the transmitter to the next person as the boat rounds a mark. Each person will drive one leg of the race.

Racing starts at 4 p.m. and we’ll try to get in at least 6 or 8 races, depending on the wind and then go calculate the scores to determine the winning team.

Bring $15 per boat as an entry fee that will be used for awards.

We won’t be having a cookout but we are encouraging everyone to BYOB and then also bring appetizers and munchies that could be shared.

We know of at least two people who have said they would show up and be “crew” if someone needs people. If you have an RC Laser and don’t plan on racing, but you plan on being down at the party, please bring it along as we’d like to encourage as many bystanders as possible to try sailing.

In other news, the racing results have been updated.

Both the seven-week Summer Low Point Series and the Women’s Low Point Series are being scored in SailWave and 40% of the races being thrown out. Just because you’ve missed a week, don’t give up! There are plenty of races yet to get your missed out of the scoring calculation!





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