Easter Sunday Lasers and Lamb Update

UPDATED!!! Please re-read the message!!

There are no official races planned for Sunday, April 8, since it is Easter and many of us are out of town or already have plans with our family.


A plan has been hatched where some marks will be thrown out in the canals at Anne and Nelson’s cottage at 2 pm. for some informal racing and practice. We’ll randomly call out crazy courses like the “old days” and sail for a couple of hours.


We are invited to stay at Anne & Nelson’s cottage where Anna and Jonathan are bringing dinner. Anna’s quote was:

“a mean roast lamb!!! with all the fixings + dessert!!”

Anna would like RSVPs as soon as possible so she can plan the dinner. CLICK HERE to send her a message and to RSVP.


UPDATE: We will be eating at the cottage!!

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