Sailors Can Still Have Fun With No Wind

Jonathan Gorbold and Bill Blevins decided after racing last Sunday when the air was perfectly calm that they were going to start bringing their Parkzone Night Vapors to fly after sailing on calm nights.

The bind-n-fly (BNF) version syncs to the Spektrum 2.4GHz radio transmitters that control the RC Laser. The box includes a battery charger and one rechargeable battery that allows for about 15 minutes of flying time. Additional batteries cost a couple of dollars each.

Here is a link to the plane on Amazon in case you are working on ideas for your next birthday present or want to buy one now and join in on the fun. Night Vapors are also available locally at the hobby shops in Webster and Irondequoit.

The Night Vapor is a really neat plane and makes a perfect beginner trainer because it flies very slow, is lots of fun  and it has lights so it can be flown in total darkness!

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