Warm-up 3 of 4 Results: The Walkabout Series

The weather cooperated this afternoon and brought very littleĀ precipitationĀ but it also brought very little wind for The Walkabout Race around Holiday Harbor. The wind it did bring was very fluky and was initially from the South which blew in a lot of weeds from the lake.

We did manage to get both directions the race in and in both cases, most boats finished very close to each other despite the spread between the boats during the race.

The second race had Bill Schmidt and Bill Blevins finishing in a dead tie for first place with Gary Schmidt and Nelson Habecker crossing less than a boat-length behind them after racing for .85 miles!

The results have been added into the 2012 Overall High Point series scores.

Next Sunday will be the final week of the Warm-up Series and we will be racing at the pump-out dock behind Steamboat Landing starting at 2 p.m.

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