RC Lasers’ Venue Now CYC Yacht Club

Beginning (Sunday) May 5th the RC racing venue will be the south dock of the Canandaigua Yacht Club and the new time will be 4 -6 pm.  We will return to Lake Riley again in the Fall to complete our Riley Lake series.

I would like to thank the RAMYA members for inviting us to sail on their turf and for taking part in our races.

Talk about an unsettled wind – not only did the wind sock do 360 degree shifts, at times it pointed straight up.  I decided that the best way to set the course was to do a rectangle in hopes of having an upwind and down wind leg somewhere.  At times it could be accomplished on the same leg.  The only real consistent one was myself who managed to be last over the start-line  nearly every time.  Maybe if I asked nicely everyone would crouch down at the start so I could see better.

Riley Lake Cookout


With the temps in the 70’s it was the perfect day for a cookout and refreshments.                    (Including two 007’s)


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