Canandaigua Lake in late March

Canandaigua Lake in late March

It has been the winter that just wouldn’t end.

As of last check Canandaigua Lake was still frozen “but” that doesn’t keep the hearty from being out there (John & Russ Perrin).

I have been forced to cancel the first 2 weeks of our spring series due to the fact that Spring has not yet presented itself.  My fingers are crossed and I have left all the doors open at my home in hopes of getting warmer days and nights. I am expecting that all will be racing Sunday April 6th 2-? (at least 4 and maybe longer if weather permits) at Holiday Harbor. Chili and wine are the most probable servings following racing.

In other more pleasant news: Keith Calkins has donated his dingy to the RC’s to be used as the official mark set dingy.  (Training on entering and exiting the dingy is required to prevent drowning.) He has been paying his dues each year without a boat which is also very generous of him.  So, in an effort to get him more engaged I have taken all the broken boat parts I have and glued them together so that he might join us on Sunday afternoons.

Word has it that a long cold winter leads to a warm and windy spring, summer, and fall.

See you on the water.

The Admiral


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