2014 Atkins’ Hospitality Elimination Regatta Results

IMG_0869 Great Racing Weekend!

Saturday Aug 23: Maggie and  Neal’s Elimination Extravaganzza…was another success!
Thank you- Thank You -Thank You Maggie and Neal for opening your home to us again and hosting what is by far-

The Best Party of the Year!!

We had wind (understatement!) and 8 boats that started the voyage from CYC to the Finish in front of Atkin’s Home on the East Side of the Lake thanks to the service of many (shuttle boats, ski-doo’s and paddlers). IMG_0845

The entries were:

  • Mary Schmidt
  • Dan Tratt
  • Gary Schmidt
  • Terry Schmidt
  • Jay Niggli
  • Jonathan Gorbold
  • Keith Calkins
  • Nelson Habecker

IMG_0875The across the lake portion of the regatta set up the pecking order of the elimination round.

  1. Jonathan Gorbold
  2. Mary Schmidt
  3. Gary Schmidt
  4. Terry Schmidt
  5. Jay Niggli
  6. Dan Tratt
  7. Nelson Habecker
  8. Keith Calkins (DNF)

Then came the exciting match racing  oh.. what fun for all….

Spectators were enjoying the challenge and the relaxing party on shore.

Those in the race and committee boats got the birds-eye view of all the strategies being played out.

First up:

Jack Bennett defeats Dick Hallagan

Jack Bennett defeats Anna Gorbold

Jack Bennett defeats Keith Calkins

Nelson Habecker defeats Jack Bennett

Nelson Habecker defeats Dan Tratt

Nelson Habecker defeats Jay Niggli

Nelson Habecker defeats Terry Schmidt

Gary Schmidt defeats Nelson Habecker

Gary Schmidt defeats Mary Schmidt

Jonathan Gorbold defeats Gary Schmidt

The Champion

The Champion

3rd place  Mary Schmidt

3rd place
Mary Schmidt

2nd place Gary Schmidt

2nd place
Gary Schmidt

1st place Jonathan Gorbold

1st place
Jonathan Gorbold

It proved to be a nail bitter all the way to the finish… with Jonathan just nosing out Gary by whispers of the last wind available to close out the regatta in Gorbold Style!

And then came the smell of the steaks… we all quickly switched gears and got into full blown party mode!IMG_0935 IMG_0951 IMG_0952 IMG_0936


You will find many more photos taken in our photo gallery!!

Just “click here”

Sunday racing continued the Fall Series

Jonathan continued his winning streak and won the first 2 races, followed by Gary winning the 3rd race of the day.

Only 3 races were completed due to the wind conditions that fluctuated dramatically from 10 knots to negative 10!

It was a great day for those that know how to sail in highly varied winds  to no wind at all.   “RESULTS”


No Racing Labor Day Weekend (due to all the regatta’s and Fa-La- La- La- La- Have Fun ..Be Safe and see you at the docks on September 7th!


Upcoming is the first ever Rhode Island National Regatta  Sept 21st–  It is not that far away.  So, if you are looking for another get away before the end of the season, I am sure that you will get a very warm welcome.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

And please join the National Class so that we support and are supported at the National Level.  Go to http://rclaserna.com/ to join.

We have gotten great visibility in the AMYA  Newsletter… let’s continue to help them help us!








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