Spring Series Starts with Six Races

The beginning of spring

The beginning of spring

The winds were a little light but the sunshine and 70 degree temps made everyone happy to be out racing and enjoying appetizers thanks to Jack, Maggie and Terry.  It was so nice that instead of retiring to a meal inside we brought the tables, chairs, and the meal outside with tons of sunshine.

After the RC races a few of our members decided to bring out their 1 meter boats and give them a whirl.  The rest of us proceeded  to sit down to feast on Anne’s wonderful ham & scallops and Sally’s Cesar salad. While eating, it was delightful to  hear about Neil & Maggie’s three month excursion to New Zealand. The 1 meter boys showed up to eat just as we were finishing, so as not to make them feel bad, most of us had seconds with them and then had Mary Schmidt’s Carrot cake that was the perfect icing for the day.

Oh, and before I forget we did have 6 races before time ran out on us.  With the warm day and the cold water in the lake it created a breeze that came and went from every direction. Starts and finishes were either upwind or downwind depending on the moment.  With 11 boats on the water there was a lot of positioning and bumping at the marks but in the end all boats were retrieved unharmed.


Next Sunday we will once again be at Holiday Harbor 2-4pm and will have our walkabout races weather permitting.  Jack Bennett doesn’t know it yet, but he and I will have downloaded the “RaceQs” app and will be putting our phones in our boats in hopes of being able to share the apps uses for our longer distance races we intend to have this year.  The early forecast is for another great Sunday so we should be two for two this year.

See you this Sunday on the water!!!!!


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