Mary’s Lasagna Wins The Day

Although the day was full of rain in most parts of the county it showed up only briefly at Holiday Harbor.  With only a 10 minute delay we raced rain free for the better part of two hours.  The wind came mostly from the south east which made it difficult to get a steady wind from any one direction, but that did not interfere with Sean Quigley who won 6 of 8 races and the other 2 wins going to Nate Heinzelman.  After all the scores were tallied it will come down to the last day of the Frostbite series to determine a winner.  Currently Sean and Nate are tied so it should be a very close finish.  “RESULTS”

IMG_2764It took team work to get Bill Schmidt and Jay Niggli back to the docks.  They lock booms together and no one offered to get in a kayak to help.  It was easier to push them in the desired direction until captured.

IMG_1134The real winners of the day were all of us who feasted on Mary’s Lasagna which she so perfectly prepared.  May the tradition continue (Mary’s Lasagna once a year).

Sunday Nov. 12th will be the final day of racing for the series and the year.  We will be at Holiday Harbor once more from 2-4 pm to determine the winner and then put our boats to rest until Spring.

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