We are back on the Water~~

IMG_0725We are back on our Game and Week 5 of 8 in the Summer Series is completed




There were 12 boats on the water, spectators  and… YES— there was wind to sail!!
After a few weeks of rest… as suspected, there was a new level of competition at the start line which brought a Shake UP on the water….

Highlights as follows:

  • “Hot Shot Mary” was off to a great start with 3 consecutive bullets
  • Keith is finding his “GO” button– good thing as Joanie was spectating!
  • Anna even gave it a whirl—and liked it so much rumor has it she will be back!IMG_0728


Current Standings are as follows:

Overall High Point-
#1: Anne Lambert
#2: Terry Schmidt
#3: Jonathan Gorbold

Low Point Summer Series-
#1: Johnathan Gorbold
#2: Mary Schmidt
#3: Gary Schmidt

Remember Save the date—August 23 for the Atkin’s Annual Elimination Regatta

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Sunday Racing and Prep for Atkins Hospitality Regatta

Racers are Ready and Raring to get back on the start line after several weeks of Family Fun! Sailing will resume on Sunday July 20th at 4pm on Canandaigua Yacht Club docks.

Current Standings:
Overall High Point:
#1: Anne Lambert
#2: Terri Schmidt
#3: Jonathan Gorbold

Low Point Summer Series:
#1: Jonathan Gorbold
#2: Anne Lambert
#3: Jay Niggli



Atkins Hospitality Elimination Regatta- Saturday August 23, 2014

Saturday, August 23, 2014, Maggie & Neil Atkins will be hosting their Annual Hospitality Elimination Regatta which will include a great meal and drinks for all.  The address is 4314 Deep Run Canandaigua, NY 14424.  This is just off of East Lake Rd.

The regatta will begin promptly at 1:30 off the south dock at CYC.  A starting line will be set and the start may be upwind or down depending on the wind direction that day.

There is no participation fee for this regatta, but please RSVP by Thursday August 21st  to Maggie at matkins@frontiernet.net or

Admiral Nelson at eal1667@gmail.com so that we know how many Sailors to expect.

If you are planning on attending and would like to contribute by bringing an appetizer or desert please inform Maggie at (585) 396-9973 or matkins@frontiernet.net to help coordinate her efforts.

Regatta Rules:

  • You are required to have a chase boat to follow your RC across the lake.  If you do not have one -Please let us know prior to Thurs August 21st so we can help.  We will make every effort to find you a boat or help you team up with another chase boat.
  • A finish line will be set somewhere close to the Atkin’s dock which you will be required to pass through in order to finish the race across the lake.
  • Racing from CYC to Maggie & Neils home will determine your placement for the next round i.e.  ( 1,2,3,4,etc) .  (If your boat wins the across the lake race you are guaranteed at least  second place. You may rest until your challenger has been determined through elimination.)  If you do not race across, you may still participate in the regatta by bringing your boat by car to their home. You will be placed at the bottom and will have to earn your way to the top.  Those that do not race across the lake will be grouped together and will race with 50% moving on to the next elimination round.  This will continue until only one remains. This boat will then race against the lowest placed boat of those that did race across the lake. The winner will progress to the next round until a winner is determined.
  • A course will be set to the approval of this year’s race  committee  and a race will consist of a minimum of 4 legs (2 laps).
  • If you have been awarded a handicap in our regular series racing you may continue to use it.  If you have not been awarded a handicap you may not petition for one.
  • Racing will end by completing the elimination races or when the hosts ( Maggie & Neil ) determine it is time for all of us to leave.  If all the elimination races have not been completed at that time the order of finish will be whatever your placement was at the time races were cancelled.
  • The very coveted 1st, 2nd, and 3rd (gold, silver, Bronze) place awards will be presented to those who will have earned their place in history.
  • 1st 2nd 3rd
    1st               2nd                    3rd

    These races will not be included in the overall high point series or summer series, but it would be a shame not to participate…Hope to see you there!

     Admiral Nelson


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Sizzling Hot Summer Season is off to a S-l-o-w… Start!

Waiting for WindThe first two weeks of the summer season has offered little wind, but much fun socializing!
6/8: “1” race- NO WIND- we enjoyed time around the picnic table with good friends, good wine and good appetizers before our tradition of breaking bread in the Club House!

6/15: “3” races- NO WIND

Hot News: A new competitor meets us at the start line–
* “Yee Haw”— or is that “YIKES”….either way you look at it….
–Keith Calkins is in the MIX!

*Rumor has it our own PRO may join us in a start or two… tag teaming with Neil. But first they are off to the Carribean to celebrate Anna’s retirement…expect they will be honing their sailing skills as they enjoy their family …

*Terri and Gary are enjoying summer time fun with their family as well…

Current Standings Overall High Point:
#1: Anne Lambert
#2: Terri Schmidt
#3: Jonathan Gorbold

Low Point Summer Series:
#1: Jonathan Gorbold
#2: Anne Lambert
#3: Jay Niggli

We will try again next week-
Racing will be from 4-6pm  at the CYC dock on 6/22/14…
Pray for Aeolus to generate more wind!!

~~See you on the Water~~



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249Ladies did their best– and the Best of the Best was # 71 Terry Schmidt.

  • Spring Meet 2014:
  •   381 starts, 49 races, 8 boats start avg., 40% throw outs


Sunday June 1: Girls continued to rule!

The winds offered something for everyone- started light and built throughout the racing.
9 boats sailed.

Out of 7 total races for the day Anne Lambert and Mary Schmidt tied with 3 bullets and Terry had 1 bullet.

There were big stakes tied to this race day as it was the final race day of the Spring Season.

It was a tight race to the finish and The final score for the highly competitive Spring Series is as follows:

#1: Terry Schmidt- wins 1st place and a Jefferson cup
#2: Anne Lambert- special request- for 2nd place Jefferson cup and a pink pedicure!

pink pedicure #3: Jonathan Gorbold in a very close 3rd beating out Gary Schmidt with only a higher boat total. Jonathan wants bling…bling… BLING!!

“Complete Results”


Summer Series starts June 8th 

We will kick it off with 1 additional boat… Mary Schmidt has her own Laser—We welcome Mary and her new RC Laser.

Sunday June 1 was her maiden voyage and she did Great… Bring the competition to the Course and let the Summer Series begin!

Race time is 4 pm off the south dock CYC.

See you on the water!!!!!



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IMG_0424Even though no motor boats were allowed on the lake the RC Laser Fleet 14 had their Squaw Island Regatta off the south dock at CYC.  Ten RC Lasers and one Soling participated in the event.  There was a Le’Mans warm up race to get everyone’s boat in the water and then a total of 5 races were booked before we closed the dock and headed for the cookout.  After calculating the scores based on low points no throw outs it was Gary Schmidt just edging out Terry Schmidt for first followed by Mary Schmidt in third.  An award was also given to Bill Schmidt for finishing first with his Soling.  Since he was the only Soling we asked him if he preferred to be scored first or last and he wisely chose first.

The cookout lasted for two hours with Jack Bennett as the chef and myself (Nelson) as the awards presenter.  The side dishes brought by everyone were superb.  We had bean soup, vegetarian sausage, salads, cookies, and even home made ice cream by Eric.

2014 Squaw Island Rewards

2014 Squaw Island Rewards

After we were all full of food and drinks we handed out the rewards that the winner so greatly deserved.

Many pictures of the fun can be found at “PHOTOS” for your viewing.

Next week we will be finishing up the spring meet with racing (Sunday June 1st) from 4-6 pm again off the south dock at CYC.  It will be an interesting battle between the girls and the guys to see who earns a Jefferson Cup with their name on it.

See you this Sunday on the water!!!


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Squaw Island Race forced to Cancel

unsmileyI am sorry to report that due to the vast amount of rain that has occurred over the past couple of weeks the City of Canandaigua has closed all motorized boat traffic on Canandaigua Lake over the Memorial Day weekend.  This ban goes into effect beginning 8AM Friday and will be reassessed on a day to day basis throughout the weekend.

I am therefor canceling the Squaw Island Regatta scheduled for Saturday May 24th.  It is my hope that the regatta can be rescheduled for a different date that will be acceptable to all that were planning on attending the event.  Having said that we will  have reward races off the dock from 2-4 pm and the picnic will happen after racing! Giving up the power boats doesn’t mean RCs don’t race or that we go without our Celebration Cookout!

Anyone having already paid the entry fee for this event will get a full refund.

See you on the water!!!

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Spring Meet May Belong To The Girls


Anne Lambert (left) Terry Schmidt (right)

With week 8 tallied  and just 1 week to go in the Spring Series it is the girls that are shooting bullets.

On Sunday Terry scored 3 bullets out of 6 races to take the lead in the series with a low net of 67.  Anne countered with 2 bullets of her own to take over second place with a low net of 72.  Gary Schmidt (although having all kinds of trouble with his boat managed to hold on to third just by showing up.   Incidentally if you look at the standing for the overall high point you will also see that Terry and Anne are 1,2 there as well.    “RESULTS”

Coming up this Saturday will be the Squaw Island Regatta.  The race is scheduled to begin promptly at 2pm followed by a Memorial Day cookout around the pavilion.  The RC fleet will purchase the meats and rolls,  Jack & Nelson are bringing the drinks, and any side dishes will be welcome.

Due to the holiday there will be no RC racing Memorial Day weekend.  The final spring meet day will be Sunday June 1st at 4pm south dock CYC.

See you on the water!!!!

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4th Annual 2014 Squaw Island Offshore Race & Cookout

Kick off August with the RC Laser fleet by coming out to sail in the 5th Annual Squaw Island Offshore Race next weekend.

This 2-mile race requires skippers to sail their radio controlled sailboat up the lake to a mark at Squaw Island and then back to a finish line at the club. It was one of the more fun but challenging sailing events we have held the past three years.

Registration can be done online or can be handled Saturday starting at 1pm at the concrete dock on the CYC waterfront. Skippers will need to figure out their mode of transportation on the water to follow their boats up the course and back. We are getting close to the event, so if you need a ride and don’t have one, please let us know asap and we’ll do our best to find you a chauffeur.

If you have a powerboat and would be willing to take spectators or skippers for a ride on Saturday afternoon, please show up at 1:30 to be paired with a sailor.

Our Race Director, (TBD) will hold a skipper’s meeting at 1:45 pm.

Racing will begin shortly thereafter with an on-the-water start this year with a line set somewhere in the vicinity of the south end of the mooring field. We’ll attempt to have a start line set so that we have a windward start and so that onlookers from shore will get a good view. The finish line will  be crossing the start line  in the opposite direction from the start.

We will have a cookout following the race. The fleet will provide meat and rolls but you can bring beverages, sides, salads or deserts to share. We should be finished in plenty of time to allow CYC members wishing to attend the wine tasting at the clubhouse later in the evening to make it there on time.

Prizes for this year’s race will be:

First Place:


Your own Georgia Peach Mango






Plustwenty dollar bill

Second Place:ten dollar bill

Third Place:five dollar bill

Big bucks are at stake again      So don’t miss it



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IMG_0750We held 8 races on Sunday afternoon and it was Jonathan Gorbold who shined.  He had 5 wins, 2 seconds, and 1 third which bolted him to the front with a low point score of 59.  Terry Schmidt is only 2 boats back with a 61, and then it is a three way tie between Anne Lambert, Bill Schmidt, and Gary Schmidt all with a low point score of 66.  There are only two weeks left in the spring series so it is time to sharpen your skills and focus on winning if you want to stay in the top three.

There will be RC racing this Sunday 4-6 pm off the south dock at CYC.  We will then finish the series on Sunday June 1st.

Memorial Day weekend we will be holding our 4th annual Squaw Island race and cookout on Saturday May 24th.  (There will be NO RC RACING ON SUNDAY MAY 25th). The cookout is open to all that would like to attend.  Please drop me a note if you are planning on attending the cookout but not racing at Nelson@rcsailors.com so that we have enough food to go around.

See you on the water!

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Notice of Race 5th Annual Squaw Island Race


Canandaigua, New York RC Laser Fleet 14

5th Annual Squaw Island Race

August 01, 2015

Rules: The regatta shall be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing as amended by Appendix E for RC sailing, prescriptions of US Sailing, class rules of the RC Laser Class of North America and further Sailing Instructions as mandated by the Race Director (RD) who also has the authority during the course of the event to make changes which will be announced to the competitors.

Eligibility: The regatta is open to all RC Lasers conforming to RC Laser Class Rules.

Race Director: TBD

Race Summary:

  • Boats will be out of the water during the Skippers Meeting.
  • The starting line will be set between two markers just offshore from the concrete dock at the south end of the waterfront at the Canandaigua Yacht Club.
  • The south concrete dock is also designated as the finish dock.
  • At the start, skippers will sail their RC Lasers across the starting line in the proper direction and then sail a course that is roughly north on Canandaigua Lake towards Squaw Island, about 1 mile away.
  • Skippers in chase boats will follow their RC Laser and navigate their racing boats to a turn mark south of Squaw Island, located at approximately Lat/Long N42.869918, W077.275702, keeping the turn mark to port as the boats round and then sail back to the yacht club.
  • Boats will finish when the skipper has successfully crossed the starting line in the opposite direction from the start.


  • Online Registration
  • 1:00 – 1:45          Boat set-up and practice sailing
  • 1:45                      Skippers Meeting (All boats must be out of the water.)
  • 1:58 PM               Two-minute audible countdown timer begins
  • 2:00 PM              Start
  • ~ 5:00 PM          Dock party begins with first finishing boat
  • ~ 6:00 PM          Awards presented after all boats return

Location: Canandaigua Yacht Club (CYC), 3524 West Lake Road, Canandaigua, NY 14424

Entry: Eligible boats may be entered by submitting the registration form online and paying an entry fee of $15.00 boat.

Scoring: The race will be scored under the Low Point System described in The Racing Rules of Sailing Appendix A and the event will consist of only one race.

Prizes: A prize will be awarded to the skipper who completes the course in the fastest time. A dock party will follow racing for all skippers and crew.

Contact: Nelson Habecker at rcsailors@gmail.com or 585-201-0514 if you need us to find a chase boat and driver or for any other information.


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