RC Lasers Spring Series 50% Complete

We had 7 races Sunday afternoon which shuffled the deck in the standings for theIMG_2104 Spring Series.  Jack Bennett, who had a win, a second, two thirds, and two forths, was overtaken by Jonathan Gorbold who dominated the races with five wins.  Click “RESULTS” for all the scores.

The wind, while sometimes rotating 180 degrees, was present most of the time at 5-7 knots which made for very good “A” sail racing.  The marks were perfectly positioned so that at  times it was a windward leg in any direction.  We did attempt an east/west course for one race with the wind coming from the west which lasted for two legs of the race and then switched back to the north or east depending on where you were on the course.   As luck would have it Barb Urich and Len Redon managed to get tangled up boom to boom with the wind coming from the north which made for a great deal of rowing to rescue the two of them heading to the south end of the lake.

Next Sunday will be week 5 of our 8 week series with the start time being 4pm off the south dock at CYC.  I hope to see everyone there again for another fun filled afternoon of frustration.

The Admiral

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2016 Walkabout Attracts 15 Lasers

The enthusiasm and the weather attracted 15 Lasers and 2 Victoria’s for our 2016 Walkabout races.  It was a day for sunscreen and patience waiting for that puff of wind that would lead you towards the next mark. The first race of approximately 1 mile took just over 1 hour for everyone to complete and the second race back ( which was shortened by a quarter mile to allow us to be back in time for refreshments) took 45 minutes.2011-03-20 at 13-16-41

The course consisted of a start/finish line and six different marks to be rounded.  With no steady breeze from any one direction it was very important to watch the boat next to you and your telltales in order to keep moving.

In the first race it was Len Redon who took the horn, followed by Terry Schmidt just seconds off the pace, and Jonathan Gorbold in third.  The race back was won by Jay Niggli followed by Bill Schmidt then myself (Nelson Habecker).

After racing we all relaxed outside with Magie’s chili, Terry’s cornbread, Glennis’ lemon cake and cupcakes, and Mary’s sherbet to finish off the afternoon.

The RC Laser Fleet #14 welcomes Nate Heinzelman (#73) as our newest RC Laser member and also Richard Mikulec and his wife with their Victoria’s that have been joining us for the races.

We will be moving our venue to the CYC south dock beginning April 24th with the club then being opened for the season.  Race time on the 24th will be 2-4pm and changing to later in the afternoon (4-6pm) on Sundays thereafter.  I am looking forward to another year of fierce competition.

The Admiral


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2016 Spring Series Begins

Captain Jack Sparrow

Captain Jack

It was one eyed Jack aka Captain Jack Sparrow aka Jack Bennett who led the way by posting 3 wins a second and a third to capture first place after seven races were completed.  Anne Gorbold scored 2 wins, Jonathan Gorbold and Maggie Atkins each with one.  “RESULTS”



Although it was a chilly day everyone was dressed with layers ready to fight the elements with the exception of myself. After two races I called for a 10 minute break to warm up my rudder thumb.  The wind was out of the south which made for a great course(walking up and down the dock) to get our exercise tuning up for next week’s “Walkabout”.

We have partnered with “Raceqs” (a GPS phone app) to broadcast our walkabout races live or for your review after the races by clicking on the following link:  http://raceqs.com/regattas/50548     The scheduled time for the first race will be promptly at 2 pm 423 Holiday Harbor, so don’t be late or you will have a hard time trying to catch me.

Richard Mikulec, a new member this year, joined us with his Victoria RC which at times got lost amongst all the “A” sails of the lasers.  It will be interesting to see how he fairs in a longer race if he joins us for the Walkabout races.

The weatherman calls for sunny with a temp somewhere in the 60s so dress attire can be shorts if you wish.

Until next Sunday 2PM

The Admiral




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“End Of Season And Mary Schmidt Romps”

The final day of racing and everything went well until the first race was underway.  It was at the leeward mark that Jay pitch poled with Jonathan right behind him. As luck would have it Jay’s rudder came down over Jonathan’s boom and the two were hitched.  After a short honeymoon I was sent to handle the divorce proceedings.  Another rescue by kayak.  Mary continued to rack up victories in the first three races when we all called for a break in hopes of cooling her down.  Upon returning someone very graciuoslly put Barb’s boat in the water without turning it on. The short video shows our efforts to prevent another rescue.

When all was said and done it was another rescue down the same channel we lost Jay and Jonathan.  Mary unfortunately came right back with another win that clearly made her the Frostbite Series winner for 2015.  She topped it off with a second in the fifth race (but we all believe she was just holding back to make us feel good). If you would like to see the final count click “RESULTS”

We had barely enough time for one final race of the season so we made it a real horse race.  If you have nine minutes to kill please enjoy the race.

At the end we all packed our boats away and moved inside to feast on all the goodies that were brought by everyone and Anne’s pasta, bread, and wine.

With the season coming to an end I would like to thank everyone for all the dedication and efforts that were put in to make this such a successful year of racing.  From the series we raced to the Squaw Island Regatta and toping it off with the Atkins’ Hospitality Regatta, it could not have been better.

“Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to all”

The Admiral  Till next year!!!!


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“Mary Schmidt Makes Light Of All Other Racers”

The one thing I realized yesterday was that for most of the day Mary was walking up and down the dock in the opposite direction from everyone else.  That meant that while everyone else was fetching the windward mark Mary was already fetching the leeward mark.  “Great sailing Mary”.

Mary - waiting her turn to enter the starting box.

Mary – waiting her turn to enter the starting box.

She managed to score 5 bullets and 1 second out of seven races.  Gary Schmidt, who took first place away from her last week, after Mary’s absence from racing, was forced back into second with her return.  With only one race day left in the Frostbite Series it looks like the only one that has a chance of beating her would be Gary, but it will take a very strong performance.  “RESULTS”

We will be meeting up one last time (Sunday 2-4pm) at Holiday Harbor to finish the Frostbite Series and to say good night to our boats until warmer weather arrives or we head south with our bags in hand.

We have been very fortunate this year having the Frostbite weather act more like Fall.

Please join us for a final day of racing, food, wine, and good old fashion cursing on the docks.


The Admiral

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Just as forecasted the rain clouds retreated and the sun broke through occasionally for our afternoon of racing.  With everyone using “C” sails it was not uncommon to see boats pitch poling when trying to fetch the leeward mark.  After having to rescue two boats hung up on the other side of the dock due to the strong gusts of wind that would pin your boat there, it was decided to move the mark rather than have to do another rescue.  IMG_0718George Nix had a rather different approach to combating the 25+ knot gusts. He tried starting the fourth race with his “C” sail reefed by allowing the top half of his mast to separate from the bottom half which doesn’t work very well. (One more rescue.)

We were able to get in six races using a modified Olympic course and a one race scramble lap windward – leeward-finish before time ran out.

We then moved inside where we devoured Terry Schmidt’s lasagna, warm bread and cupcake desserts.  Upon finishing with a glass of wine or two some of us just laid back and took a snooze until woken up to go home.

A rough day on the water.

A rough day on the water.

We will be trying to repeat the same scenario again this Sunday with racing from 2-4pm at Holiday Harbor and more of Terry’s lasagna.

See you on the water!!!!!

The Admiral

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The Schmidts Rule Day One At Holiday Harbor Venue

We reeled off 7 races on Sunday afternoon at Holiday Harbor and Mary Schmidt won four of them.  Following close behind her was Gary Schmidt with two wins, three seconds and two thirds.  The only other race was won by Bill Schmidt. As one might expect Mary is leading in the Frostbite Series, Gary is running second and Bill is only a point back in third.  “Frostbite Results”


Boats on a prolonged 5 minute break (owners inside)

It was a great afternoon for racing.  We had nine boats on the water to race for the day. The wind was mostly out of the north (4-6 knots) which made for a windward leeward course that was free of any weeds.   There was not much sunshine so it was asked by many that we take a 5 minute break to warm up inside after four races. I don’t know why it is but a 5 minute break is never 5 minutes. We were actually 15 minutes and ready to get in the other three. We raced until the clock ran out (4PM) and then moved inside for some of Anne’s great chili, Jack’s sushi, and Glennis’ apple pie.  There was some chalk talk but I did not hear Mary offering much on her technique.

Next Sunday we will once again be at 423 Holiday Harbor 2-4pm for week three of the Frostbite Series.

AND: Just as a reminder:

Annual dues for Fleet #14 RC Lasers will expire at the end of October 2015. Your payment of $20 makes you an active member from 11/01/15 thru 10/31/16.

You can pay your dues online or offline! Click here.

Thank you for your membership.

See you on the water Sunday.

The Admiral

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“Anne Lambert Wins Top Award On Sailor’s Nite”

IMG_2043And… it led us to another Great Night of celebration–
We closed the 2015 Sailing Year in Style once again.


Anne Lambert was able to hold off Jay Niggli by 7 points to win the Overall High Point Series for 2015.  Her commitment to racing and attendance was unmatched. IMG_2013

The evening was filled with 1st place awards going to Jonathan Gorbold first in both the Frostbite and Fall Series,  the Spring Series going to Terry Schmidt, and the Summer Series going to  Anne Lambert.   “Photos”

We wasted no time in turning the page to the 2015-16 series by having our first day of competing for the Frostbite Series the next day.

It was the proper way to start, having temperatures in the 30s’ and a brief snow flurry at times.   You would have thought by looking at us that we were going skiing instead of sailing. But not so!  We were able to get off 5 races before we all took shelter back at the picnic tables where there was hot coffee and not so warm wine.

IMG_2071The day belonged to Mary Schmidt and Jack Bennett (with refurbished transmitter) who traded firsts and seconds 4 out of five races. Determined to also be recognized was George Nix pulling a win out of his hat.

Complete Results

We have another 4 weeks of racing before we give up the boats and actually do begin skiing.  But till then the next meeting will be 2-4pm (Sunday Oct. 25) off the boardwalk at Holiday Harbor for a change of scenery if the wind conditions are right.

See you on the water!!!

The Admiral

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Sailors Night & Captain Morgan Challenge

Saturday October 17th is Sailor’s Night at CYC.

_1KC7464Please let the club know if you wish to be seated at the RC Laser table for dinner.

Time: 6:00pm – 11:00pm

Dinner choice of:

Parmesan Crusted Boston Cod $18.95

Salad, rice, vegetable and dessert

Chicken Parmesan $19.95

Salad, pasta and dessert

Marinated Flank Steak $20.95

Salad, potatoes, vegetable and dessert

Followed by Award Ceremony

Please call 396-9200 for reservations

Sunday afternoon we had a Captain Morgan Challenge Race Series which consisted of 2 hours of racing for Captain Morgan Prizes.  The races were not counted in the Fall Series but the format was worth it to Mary Schmidt. Here’s the way it worked….IMG_2001

We had 2 hours to get in as many races as possible.

Win 1 race and receive one gold dollar or one 50ML of Captain Morgan

Win 3 races and you could trade in your previous winnings for a 375ML of The Captain

Win 6 races and trade in your winnings for a 750ML

Win 9 races and win the ultimate prize of 1 liter of Captain Morgan Private Stock street value $40 x 2 = $80.

Also, the person having the most wins would be able to double their prize.  Second and third would get a little more Captain (but not much).

As it turns out we were able to only get in 7 races which after doing all the tallying it was Mary Schmidt that scored 3 wins and walked away with the biggest prize of the day (750ML of Captain). Drinks on Mary next week.IMG_2008

Next Sunday we will officially begin our Frostbite series which will consist of 4 Sundays ending on November 15th.  Starting time will be 2pm and ending at 4pm off the south dock.  The weeks following have yet to be determined but I am certain that we will land somewhere.

I hope to see everyone Saturday for Sailor’s Night and Sunday for Racing….

The Admiral



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B Sail Winds Week 7 Fall Series

Aeolus 321I had ordered up an eight to ten knot wind out of the south for our week seven racing event and as usual that’s what we got.

Jonathan Gorbold, who was acting PRO, managed to rip off 5 bullets on an eight race card. ( Even extra duties doesn’t seem to slow him down). Mary Schmidt managed 2 bullets after taking the first four races to repair her boat equipment and Jay Niggli managed to get up for one.

B sails were the best to accommodate those winds that were just enough to pitch pole your boat with an A. (Yes I tried it once. Bad choice.)

While club racing may be coming to an end the RC’s will continue after the Fall Series with a 5 week Frostbite Series which will end on November 15th. We use this time to adapt ourselves to the cooler but more forceful winds that will prevail. We will use either the south dock or Holiday Harbor as our race venue and then retire to 423 Holiday Harbor to warm up with a hot dish of some type and a glass of wine.  Spectators are always welcome and someone is usually willing to give up their boat to a spectator in order to warm their hands.

This Sunday (October 4th)we will be starting at 5PM to allow racers to be recognized at the volunteer appreciation event at the club.  It will be the final race date of the Fall Series and scores will then be tallied for Sailors Night.

Sad to see the Club close for the Snow that follows…..

The Admiral (Nelson Habecker)

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