Buying a RC Laser Sailboat

So you want to buy a radio controlled RC Laser sailboat but don’t know what you need? Here are the two simple steps:


Visit: and order the basic “plug-n-play” RC Laser (PNP)

Order a transmitter and a receiver. Recommended:

  • Spektrum DX 6i MD2 Transmitter $139.99
  • Spektrum MR200 Marine Receiver $49.99

Shop Online at

Prefer to shop local? The radio and receiver are usually stocked at:

Dan’s Crafts and Things
352 Empire Boulevard
Rochester, NY 14609-4454

Extras, Birthday and Christmas Present Ideas:

  • Light air “A” sail and tall mast: “A” Sail & Rig 
  • Extra booms
  • “C” Rig for winds 18 – 28 mph
  • “D” Rig for winds 28+ mph
  • Hard shell, foam-padded box to store your transmitter
  • Bag to holds all 4 rigged sails $175.00 or call Skip Lippincott at (856) 764-8282.
  • Transmitter glove for sailing in the snow or rain.


*All prices were current when this page was last updated.

2 Responses to Buying a RC Laser Sailboat

  1. John F. says:

    I am also interested in a used RC Laser – or a charter for the North Americans.

  2. N. Karres says:

    I am interested in buying a used RC Laser (without electronics).

    Pls ctc me via email:

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