Jay Niggli Wins Fall Series / Sailors’ Night Approaches

Jay Niggli

Jay Niggli

After adding six more races on Sunday it was Jay Niggli who managed to win the Fall Series.

Fall Series Results

  • Jay Niggli                    First
  • Nate Heinzelman       Second
  • Nelson Habecker        Third

Congratulations Jay!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next Sunday will be the being our Frostbite Series off the south dock CYC.  The club will be holding it’s annual meeting from 2-4 so we will begin racing immediately following the meeting and race until 6pm.

Also just as a reminder:

Sailors’ Night – Saturday, October 22

Sailors’ Night on October 22, 2016, is fast approaching, with cocktails at 6:00 pm and dinner to follow at 7:00 pm.  Be sure to put this great event on your calendar now and call the Club with your reservations and dinner choices at 396-9200.

Filet Mignon bordelaise

Angus Reserve beef tenderloin grilled and coated with a rich bordelaise sauce.  Served with a baked potato and vegetable du jour. $28

Honey-Pecan Salmon on a cedar plank

Fresh Faroe Island Salmon grilled and baked on an aromatic cedar plank, drizzled with honey and topped with chopped pecans. Served with wild rice and vegetable du jour.  $25

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Boneless chicken breast stacked with ham, Swiss cheese and supreme sauce. Served with mashed potatoes and vegetable du jour.  $20  

All entrees are served with a side salad, rolls, and dessert.

I have requested a table for the RCs’.  If you wish to be seated at our table please tell them when you make your reservation.

I hope to see everyone this Sunday for Racing and next Saturday, October 22nd,  for Sailors’ Night.

The Admiral

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Rain Holds Off For Week 7 Of Fall Series

It looked pretty dismal sitting at the waterfront waiting for the rain to stop and the wind to pick up. img_2363 But as luck would have it the clouds lightened, the rain eased, and nine RC racers showed up to partake in five races held.  So, as we had a brief delay  at the start of racing, by 4:15 the boats were in the water. img_2372  The marks were set to accommodate a north wind which actually turned to the northeast by race time.  No problem, having all the moored boats out of the way, it was easy to adjust our course and use the mooring balls as marks.  Jonathan Gorbold won the first two races, I lucked out by winning the third due to Jonathan having caught the biggest weed patch of the day, then Bill Schmidt in the forth, followed by Richard Mikulec in the fifth.  After all the scoring was tallied the big winner of the day was Jay Niggli who, without a win, was able to pull within one boat of Nate Heinzelman who is currently atop the leaderboard.  “RESULTS”

I have changed the racing hours for next week to 2-4pm in hopes of giving us better sunlight for the PRO to observe the finish line.  It is the last week and tensions will be running high.

See you next Sunday at 2pm off the south dock CYC to determine the final standing for the Fall Series

The Admiral

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With just two weeks remaining in the Fall Series 1st and 2nd is all but a lock for Nate Heinzelman and Jay Niggli.  Nate has increased his lead over Jay  by two boats having a first and second in last week’s only two races.  Oddly enough though the third spot in the series is closer that expected.  After missing the last two weeks  of racing the ladies have drawn uncomfortably close.  I (Nelson Habecker) currently sit with a score of 62 followed by Barb Urich with a 69 and Terry Schmidt with a 70.  COMPLETE RESULTS

I would like to make everyone aware that I have changed the schedule for our 7th week of the series.  We will not be racing this coming Sunday September 25th due to a change in the yacht club’s volunteer night which has moved to that date.  We will now be racing on October 2nd at CYC south dock 4-6pm to complete week 7.

I look forward to seeing everyone on October 2nd.  I can’t afford to miss another week with the ladies so close on my tail….

The Admiral

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Fall Series a Two Boat Race

Nate Heizelman

#73 Nate Heinzelman

After five weeks of an eight week series it looks as if Nate Heinzelman (#73)  or Jay Niggli (#81) will emerge victorious in the Fall Series.  With just three weeks of racing left the two of them are just 2 boats apart but are 16 boats in front of the third boat(#54).  Last week after showing up late and missing the first 2 races Nate was able to reel off two wins, two seconds, and a third in the remaining five to stay in front.


#81 Jay Niggli

Jay is going to have to step it up a notch if he hopes to catch up.


“Complete Results”

Round 6 of this fight will be 4-6pm Sunday Sept. 18th off the south dock CYC.  This could be a “pay per view”.

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2016 Squaw Island Regatta Results


Richard Phelps again bringing his fast chase boat should there be wind!!!

What a difference a year makes.  Last year the wind gods were so agreeable that we had to extend the race so that it lasted more than an hour.  This year it was hot and without much wind.  We placed a gate for everyone to pass through at the half way mark so that the PRO could shorten or end the race before everyone baked in the sun.  As it turned out Jonathan passed through the gate 15minutes before the shorten course time limit so it was on to Squaw Island.


The entries  were:     #62 Jonathan Gorbold     #81 Jay Niggli     #74 Dick Hallagan     #54 Nelson Habecker     #78 Richaed Mikulec  and team boats #005 Grace Groot with #272 Anne Lambert (Jack Bennett driver)  and #71 Terry Schmidt with #652 Mary Schmidt (Bill Schmidt driver).

It was Jonathan who led the way all the way up to the Squaw Island mark but Jay was able to do the first port rounding and start the long journey back.  Jonathan rounded shortly after and #54 after several tries managed to round and begin the trip back. At about the 2 hour mark Jonathan was able to regain the lead and win with Jay less than a minute behind in second.  Many realizing that  the first, second, and third spots were taken decided to pick up and get the party started.

George Nix was commissioned to develop a video with pictures of the regatta which can be seen at: https://youtu.be/5DfZK2leepM

Official results: #62 Jonathan Gorbold First, #81 Jay Niggli Second, and #54 Nelson Habecker third have been entered into the Hall of Fame.

Thanks to everyone who took part and contributed to all the festivities that followed.  There was watermelon, Cesar salad, potato salad, chips and dip, sweet corn, Hots, Hamburg, Sausage, crock pot of beans, Brownies, Cherry Cheese cake and lemon cake. Oh yes-and plenty of drinks.  I’m sure that I have forgotten something, but, everything was great!!!




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#62 (Jonathan) & #44 (Anna) Return Home

Making the mark is only half/ you then have to get back>>>

Making the mark is only half/ you then have to get back>>>

After an extended stay out west, Jonathan and Anna Gorbold returned to RC racing at CYC this past Sunday.  One would think that after being gone for so long (months) that they would have lost some of their skills.  Not so.  Out of the five grueling races with up and down from anywhere wind, Jonathan won 3 and Anna was able to sneak in with a second in race three.  Nate was able to put in one bullet for the day which still has him leading the series by a healthy margin.  “RESULTS”

It seems that the Wind Gods were just having fun with us.  We would start the countdown starter two minutes prior to each race with plenty of wind but at the end of the two minutes the breeze would disappear.  No one to yell at and no one to foul, just motionless for a bit.  The photo tells it all “SILENT”.

This Saturday will be the Squaw Island Regatta where I am calling for a mostly sunny day with winds out of the north northwest at 9 knots and a pleasant tempature of 78 degrees for a high.  It will be a great day for RC racing.

Hope to see everyone for the regatta and cookout following.

The Admiral

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6th Annual Squaw Island Offshore Race & Cookout 2016

End summer with the RC Laser fleet by coming out to sail in the 6th Annual Squaw Island Offshore Race Saturday August 27th.

This 2-mile race requires skippers to sail their radio controlled sailboat up the lake to a mark at Squaw Island and then back to a finish line at the club. It was one of the more fun but challenging sailing events we have held in past years.

Registration can be done online or can be handled Saturday starting at 1pm at the concrete dock on the CYC waterfront. Skippers will need to figure out their mode of transportation on the water to follow their boats up the course and back. We are getting close to the event, so if you need a ride and don’t have one, please let us know asap and we’ll do our best to find you a chauffeur.

If you have a powerboat and would be willing to take spectators or skippers for a ride on Saturday afternoon, please call Nelson Habecker at 585-201-0514 to coordinate.

Our Race Director, Keith Calkins, will hold a skipper’s meeting at 1:45 pm.

Racing will begin shortly thereafter with an on-the-water start this year with a line set somewhere in the vicinity of the south end of the mooring field. We’ll attempt to have a start line set so that we have a windward start and so that onlookers from shore will get a good view. The finish line will  be crossing the start line  in the opposite direction from the start.

We will have a cookout following the race. The fleet will provide meat and rolls but you can bring beverages, sides, salads or deserts to share.

This year’s prizes will be:


There will also be an award for the first team boat that finishes. (If you share a chase boat with another racer and both finish the race before any other shared case boat, that team will be awarded BIG  prizes as well.)


The Admiral


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Nate Heinzelman Takes A Clear Lead In Fall Series

Nate Heizelman

Nate Heinzelman

In the second week of our Fall Series it was Nate who rattled off 4 wins and 1 second out of 5 races to take a clear lead in the series.  “RESULTS”  He found himself a good spot on the dock to sit where he had a good view of the race course which was all he needed.  The course was set in a north south direction which made it more difficult for most of us to maneuver our boat to the leeward mark (due to all the boats shadowing each other) with the exception of Nate who never seemed to be in any trouble.  “GREAT SAILING NATE”


There are only 6 weeks left in the Fall Series and next  Sunday (week 3) will also be off the south dock CYC at 4pm.

See you on the dock at 4

The Admiral

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Sailing Instructions: 6th Annual Squaw Island Race

Canandaigua, New York RC Laser Fleet 14

6th Annual Squaw Island Race

August 27, 2016

Rules: The regatta shall be governed by the rules as defined in the current Racing Rules of Sailing, as amended by Appendix E for RC sailing, prescriptions of US Sailing, class rules of the RC Laser Class of North America and further Sailing Instructions as mandated by the Race Director (RD) who also has the authority during the course of the event to make changes which will be announced to the competitors.

Eligibility: The regatta is open to all RC Lasers conforming to RC Laser Class Rules.

Entry: Eligible boats may be entered by paying the online Entry Fee of $15.00 prior to the start on August 27,2016    or (cash) the day of the race prior to the start.

Location: Canandaigua Yacht Club (CYC), 3524 West Lake Road, Canandaigua, NY 14424

Race Course: The RD will announce the course at the skippers meeting. The Turn Mark will be in front of Squaw Island and RC Lasers will keep the mark to port as they round. The race will be from CYC to Squaw Island, around the turn mark, leaving it to port, and then back to CYC.

Start: The starting line  and finishing line will be two markers set just offshore from the south concrete dock and will be pointed out clearly at the Skipper’s Meeting. This changes Rule E3.7. A two-minute audible countdown sequence will be used and the goal is to begin the race promptly at 2 PM.

Finish: A boat is considered to have finished when the skipper crosses the start line in the opposite direction from the start.

Time Limit: The time limit will be 4 hours.  If the first boat has not finished within 4 hours of the start, the race will be abandoned and the party will begin. If a boat does finish within the time limit, all others will be allowed to finish but the party will still begin at 6 PM.

Shortened Course: After the starting signal the course may be shortened with 2 sounds or abandoned with 3 sounds without displaying flags. This changes Rule 32.

Sail Changes: Sails may not be changed during the race.

Outside Help: Rule E5.6 will not apply.

Launching and Re-launching: “Rule 45 is changed to (a) Boats scheduled to race in a heat may be launched, taken ashore or re-launched at any time during the race. (b) While ashore or at the water’s edge or on a chase boat, boats may be adjusted, drained of water or repaired; have entangled objects removed; or have batteries changed.” This changes E4.4. Also see “Chase Boat Rules” below.

Radio Communications: VHF radios are not required and will not be used to communicate changes to the sailing instructions. The RD will monitor VHF channel 9 .

Protests: It is the responsibility of a right-of-way (ROW) skipper to call a protest against a fouling boat. Please solve your disputes on the water. If there is a remaining protest after the race, see the RD immediately upon finishing.

Marks: You may touch the Turn Mark at Squaw Island. This changes Rule 31. The Squaw Island Turn Mark must be rounded to port. There may or may not  be a large orange inflatable buoy placed at approximately half the distance between CYC and Squaw Island. It is not a mark of the course (unless stated at the skipper’s meeting) and is only to be used for reference purposes and can be passed on either side. You can even run into the orange mark if you wish.

Retiring Boats: Boats retiring from the race shall notify the RD as soon as possible.

Scoring: The race will be scored under the Low Point System described in the Racing Rules of Sailing Appendix A and the event will consist of only one race.

Personal Flotation Devices: Rule E1.4 is changed to “When on board a rescue boat or chase boat, each competitor is responsible for wearing a personal flotation device adequate for the conditions.”

Chase Boat Rules:

  1. All racing sailboats have the right of way over chase boats.
  2. Chase boats shall not cause a wake that impedes or helps a racing boat.
  3. Chase boats shall not cause a wind shadow which affects any racing boat.
  4. Chase boats shall be completely stopped with the motor in neutral before hauling a race boat for any purpose and remain in that state until the sailboat is launched again.
  5. When chase boats stop to haul, they must do so in a position that does not interfere with other racing boats.

Prizes: A prize will be awarded to the skipper who completes the course in the fastest time. Other positions awarded as we find things to give away.

Party: A cookout on the waterfront will follow racing for all skippers and chase boat crew.

Our Race Director and PRO for the 2016 Squaw Island Race will be Keith Calkins.

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Admiral Nelson Finally Wins a Series

IMG_2285The fact that Jonathan was in another State for the whole series, Gary & Terry were in Chicago for a few weeks, and the payment of a bottle of Jack’s Cabernet given to Jack to not compete, probably had nothing to do with it.

The series was actually very close between Gary, Jay, and myself for the entire series.  In the end it was The Admiral with a net 46, Jay with a net 53, and Gary with a net 57.  “Complete Results”

George Nix was once again kind enough to be our photographer getting some great shots of the close races. Visit the link at: https://goo.gl/photos/u6cnUVnx62evnHSh8

Next Sunday we will begin our Fall Series which leads us into shorter hours of daylight by the time we wrap it up in October.  Week 1 of the series will be off the south dock CYC 4-6pm.

See you on the dock.

The Admiral


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