Used RC Laser For Sale

Just in time for Christmas…..There is a used RC Laser for sale.

If you know of anyone who might be interested in joining our fleet to race next year just direct them to our Pre-Owned Laser for sale page for all the detailed information.

Happy Holidays!!!!

The Admiral

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Sean Quigley Takes The Frostbite Series

IMG_2735Before the first race even started Sean had a failing rudder servo and was not able to compete very well using our spare boat.  After a few races we did take a break to wait for wind which have him time to change the servo in his boat which made enough of a difference for him to race well enough to hold off Jay. “RESULTS”
There wasn’t much wind and it was very spotty at best.  If you weren’t in that finger of air you just didn’t move.  Despite the absence of wind we were able to complete six races for the day before retiring inside for Anne’s chili, Richards homemade soup, Anna’s garlic bread , and then topped off with Danny’s apple and pecan pie.

It is the end of the racing season for us but there is always racing taking place somewhere this winter for anyone who finds the time and has the desire to keep competing. Just go to: to find an event.

We will begin our Spring Series on April 8, 2018 at Holiday Harbor. Check the calendar for times.

Thank you everyone for making this another wonderful racing year.

Until next year

Happy Holidays to All  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Admiral



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Mary’s Lasagna Wins The Day

Although the day was full of rain in most parts of the county it showed up only briefly at Holiday Harbor.  With only a 10 minute delay we raced rain free for the better part of two hours.  The wind came mostly from the south east which made it difficult to get a steady wind from any one direction, but that did not interfere with Sean Quigley who won 6 of 8 races and the other 2 wins going to Nate Heinzelman.  After all the scores were tallied it will come down to the last day of the Frostbite series to determine a winner.  Currently Sean and Nate are tied so it should be a very close finish.  “RESULTS”

IMG_2764It took team work to get Bill Schmidt and Jay Niggli back to the docks.  They lock booms together and no one offered to get in a kayak to help.  It was easier to push them in the desired direction until captured.

IMG_1134The real winners of the day were all of us who feasted on Mary’s Lasagna which she so perfectly prepared.  May the tradition continue (Mary’s Lasagna once a year).

Sunday Nov. 12th will be the final day of racing for the series and the year.  We will be at Holiday Harbor once more from 2-4 pm to determine the winner and then put our boats to rest until Spring.

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Racing Venue Changes To Holiday Harbor

It was an interesting day with temps that of Summer not Fall.

We completed six races on the first day of our Frostbite Series with winds that started at the top of the “A” sail and then declined to a crawl for our boats.  The “results” were very mixed with five different winners out of the six races.  The only racer to win two was Mike Wash (#173) who won the two final races of the day.

Next Sunday we are moving our racing to 423 Holiday Harbor where we can quickly get into the cottage for shelter if needed.  The forecast is for things to change by next Sunday.

We were supposed to take a road trip to the Erie Canal but have been forced to cancel it. img_2416For some reason the area where we were to race has been chained off with do not trespass signs to keep us out.   I think it may be that we violated their dress code last year.

Following racing we are all invited back into the cottage to enjoy some of Mary’s home made lasagna and stories of the day.


Just as a reminder:

Annual dues for Fleet #14 RC Lasers expires at the end of October 2017. Your payment of $20 makes you an active member from 11/01/17 thru 10/31/18.

You can pay your dues online if you wish! Click here. Or in person to Maggie Atkins or Nelson Habecker

Thank you for your membership.

See you on the water!!!!!

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Nate Heinzelman Wins Fall Series

Junior sailor Nate Heinzelman manages to out score all takers and  easily win the six week Fall Series.  On the last day he managed a win and a second out of five heats to ensure that he would be triumphant. “RESULTS”

Nate Heinzelman

Nate Heinzelman

There was a brief delay in starting while we tried to clear the area of those pesky yacht club boats, but after that we had the docks to ourselves.  The wind was of the “A” sail type and steadily faded as the clock continued to tick.  By six o’clock it became quite evident that there would be no more races. Everyone did hang around in hopes that there would be another chance to catch the leader but it was not to be.  Nate will receive the highly regarded first place medallion on sailors night at the yacht club.

The day after sailors night we will begin our mini Frostbite Series which will include one more day at the yacht club (Oct. 22nd), a day at the Erie Canal ( Oct. 29th), and finishing up with two Sundays at Holiday Harbor (Nov. 5th & 12th).  Race time for each date will be 2-4 pm so that we can avoid trying to race in the dark.

See you on the water!!!

The Admiral

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Week 4 of the Fall Series Slow Going

It may be Fall by the calendar but it was a summer like day for RC racing.  The temperature was close to 90 degrees with not a cloud in the sky and to top it off there was no wind.

I had borrowed Jack’s boat to cruise up and down the lake in search of wind and was able to locate some at the far south end.  By race time I had returned to the CYC dock where all the die hard racers where waiting for me to give them the news that the wind was coming.  IMG_20170924_180746890As long as I had Jack’s powerboat I thought it would be a good idea to check it out as a mark set boat.  The boat worked fine but the positioning of the marks without wind was a bit of a challenge.

There was a brief moment when I heard others whispering that there would be no wind today but I had been to the south end and knew it would be coming our way.  Yep, soon after that we had just enough wind to get in 3 races before it was gone for good.

A warm welcome to our newest member to join our fleet and race with us  – Mike Wash  – who brings RC #173 to us from Oxford Maryland.  Look for him to be a strong contender having had a little practice with a Laser before racing with us.

As it stands right now it is still Nate Heinzelman in front with 2 more weeks of racing to go in the Fall Series.  “RESULTS”

Next week we have moved our schedule up (2-3:45 PM off the south dock) in order to allow those that so graciously volunteered there time during the year for race committee to be recognized.

Week 5  Oct. 1st 2PM

See you on the water.

The Admiral

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Nate Heinzelman Leads Fall Series

After two weeks of racing in the Fall Series, Nate Heinzelman has the early lead having won more than 50% of the heats to date.

Nate Heinzelman

Nate Heinzelman

If he keeps this up he is going to be very hard to catch.  Gary Schmidt is holding on to second and Jay Niggli five boats back is third.  “RESULTS”

We had 9 boats on the water and were able to get in 7 heats before the time expired.

For those that are record keepers we have had 854 starts and 108 heats with another 4 weeks of racing to go.  The average number of competitors  108/854=12.6 boats per heat to date.

Next week (Sunday Sept. 17th) we will be moving the starting time up by 1 hour to accommodate the J-22 fleet party that is being held.  Racing hours will be 3:30-5:30 pm off the south dock CYC.

See you on the water!!!!!

The Admiral



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AT THE WIREAnd at the wire The Admiral (54) cruses to victory winning by a good 6 lengths, Jay (81) just holding on for second beating Gary (59) by a head who finishes in third.   “RESULTS”

Payout  (54)  $17.60   $8.60    $ 5.80

————(81)                   $6.20    $ 4.60

————(59)                                  $ 4.00

Next week will be the beginning of our 6 week Fall Series which will  be held Sunday 4:30 -6:30 pm off the south dock.

See you on the water!!!

The Admiral


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Receiving assistance retrieving his keel

And it’s The Admiral(54) in front by five after throwing a shoe, followed by Jay(81), a gap of two back to Gary(59),and then Terry(71) close to overtaking Jonathan(62).

With just one week to go it is looking like The Admiral may take the win if his boat doesn’t throw another shoe (keel).

There were plenty of spectators on hand this day to observe this highly contested race.  Some wanting to cheer on there favorite boat and others just wanting to get out of the sun.IMG_2622

August 20th will be the finale of our Summer Series which will determine the payouts for this race.

Fear not though, we will begin our 6 week Fall series the following week (August 27th) at 4:30 pm off the south dock.

The Admiral





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“Off The Turn And Into The Stretch”

The Admiral (54), able to avoid most of the bumping  going on around the turn and hugging the rail, has opened up a comfortable 5 length lead coming into the stretch. DOWN THE STRETCH THEY COME  Jay (81) driving hard on the outside is second, and Jonathan, the 1-5 favorite who is just not firing today, has dropped back to 3rd and is being challenged by Gary (59) who is steadily gaining ground.  Then it is Terry (71) in fifth followed by Sean (16), Richard (78) and the rest of the field very far back. Gary (59) and Richard (78) had several occasions of crowding each other which cost them valuable real estate turning for home.


Next week we will be in deep stretch where we hope to run off another 7 heats to compliment this week.  There are only 2 weeks left in the summer series so it’s time to give your boat a little push and get it over the wire.    Post time will once again be 4:30 pm off the south dock CYC.

See you at the track!!!

“Pine Needles” by Talc

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