Canandaigua, New York RC Laser Fleet 14

5th Annual Squaw Island Race

August 01, 2015

Rules: The regatta shall be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing as amended by Appendix E for RC sailing, prescriptions of US Sailing, class rules of the RC Laser Class of North America and further Sailing Instructions as mandated by the Race Director (Keith Calkins) who also has the authority during the course of the event to make changes which will be announced to the competitors.

Eligibility: The regatta is open to all RC Lasers conforming to RC Laser Class Rules.

Race Director: TBD

Race Summary:

  • Boats will be out of the water during the Skippers Meeting.
  • The starting line will be set between two markers just offshore from the concrete dock at the south end of the waterfront at the Canandaigua Yacht Club.
  • The south concrete dock is also designated as the finish dock.
  • At the start, skippers will sail their RC Lasers across the starting line in the proper direction and then sail a course that is roughly north on Canandaigua Lake towards Squaw Island, about 1 mile away.
  • Skippers in chase boats will follow their RC Laser and navigate their racing boats to a turn mark south of Squaw Island, located at approximately Lat/Long N42.869918, W077.275702, keeping the turn mark to port as the boats round and then sail back to the yacht club.
  • Boats will finish when the skipper has successfully crossed the starting line in the opposite direction from the start.


  • Online Registration
  • 1:00 – 1:45          Boat set-up and practice sailing
  • 1:45                      Skippers Meeting (All boats must be out of the water.)
  • 1:58 PM               Two-minute audible countdown timer begins
  • 2:00 PM              Start
  • ~ 5:00 PM          Dock party begins with first finishing boat
  • ~ 6:00 PM          Awards presented after all boats return

Location: Canandaigua Yacht Club (CYC), 3524 West Lake Road, Canandaigua, NY 14424

Entry: Eligible boats may be entered by submitting the registration form online and paying an entry fee of $15.00 boat.

Scoring: The race will be scored under the Low Point System described in The Racing Rules of Sailing Appendix A and the event will consist of only one race.

Prizes: A prize will be awarded to the skipper who completes the course in the fastest time, and to the fastest Team that completes the course.  A dock party will follow racing for all skippers and crew.

Contact: Nelson Habecker at or 585-201-0514 if you need us to find a chase boat and driver or for any other information.

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Fathers Shut Out On Father’s Day

Although it was Father’s Day (June 21st) it did not seem to mean much to Anne Lambert (4 wins) and Mary Schmidt (3 wins) who shut out the guys in all 7 of the races held.  Gary Schmidt was able to finish with a couple of seconds and thirds but other than that —Lady’s RULED on Father’s Day!!!

As you might suspect—  There were plenty of excuses ~~AND~~a GREAT deal of boat swapping as the challenged tried to get back on the FAST TRACK!!

To ensure integrity of scoring we called out names rather than numbers as boats crossed the finish line!

The string and Shifty Wind-also shifted the Standings.  

Current standings for the Summer Series are Anne Lambert followed by Gary Schmidt, then Terry Schmidt and Mary Schmidt who holds fourth place.—– Complete “Results“——-


Jay Niggli at the starting line with all his ducks in a row.

I believe that the guys could have done much better if there were not so many baby ducks on the course.  They were, of course, trying to be protective of them  and it was Father’s Day.

We have one more Sunday in June to race which will take us to the midpoint of our Summer Series. Our intent is to take the 4th of July weekend off then resume each Sunday after (4-6pm south dock) in July to complete the series.


See you on the water!!!!!!

The Admiral



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Summer Series Begins

Sunday June 7th, 2015.

It was a great day for racing.  From morning till dusk there was a 10 knot breeze that came in from the south.  There was a short delay in getting started due to all the big boat sailors to get back to shore.  Neil was so excited to get started that he never saw the brick someone had placed in front of him and (you guessed it) over he went.  I am not showing the photo due to its graphic depiction of him but lets say that he looks like he did 5 rounds in the ring with Rocky Balboa.  I am certain that everyone joins me in wishing him a quick recovery.

After getting in 6 races without Neil and Maggie (who whisked Neil off for medical attention) the leader is Gary Schmidt followed by Anne Lambert and Terry Schmidt. “RESULTS”

Sunday June 14th will be our next race date starting at 4PM south dock CYC.

See you on the water!!!!!!

The Admiral

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Pot of Gold “Spring Series”

It was the final day for the Spring Series.  The rain came down all morning and most of the afternoon, but the  RC Lasers were determined not to cancel do to a little rain and temps in the 40s.  All those in attendance came with foul weather gear and “THE MITT” for their transmitters.  To help us on this journey was Anne’s hot coffee, Glennis’ banana bread & cookies, and some of The Admiral’s finest wine. At 4pm there was a little drizzle but within minutes (as predicted by the Admiral) the rain halted and it was on to meet the challenge.  There was a great deal of sail switching throughout the afternoon between the A & B sails.  The course was square and we would have windy lews twice around with a windward finish.  In the first five races there were 5 different winners, but it was the sixth race that carried the “POT of GOLD” for Terry Schmidt.

In attendance: A. Lambert, T. & G. Schmidt, J. Bennett, N. Atkins, G, Nicks, K. Calkins ,N. Habecker

In attendance: A. Lambert, T. & G. Schmidt,
J. Bennett, N. Atkins, G, Nicks, K. Calkins ,N. Habecker

After racing well in all her races for the day it was the victory in the last race of the spring meet that put her 2 boats in front. CONGRATULATIONS TERRY!!!!!!!  “RESULTS”   (There was some talk about someone else tuning her boat before racing but unless there is a formal protest it will not be pursued.) On the down side though, 30 seconds comes off her start time.

Next Sunday we will begin our 8 week Summer Series off the south dock CYC from 4-6PM.

See you on the water!!!

The Admiral

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Where Does The Time Go???

IMG_1600It seems not so long ago there was a cover of white over the lake.  Now we put up the umbrellas on the south dock and wait for the wind to fill in for RC racing.  Here it is Sunday afternoon at 4pm and barely enough wind to get off one race for the eleven boats competing. IMG_1604But due to the due diligence of the fleet captain reading the clouds and the smoke atop the hill every one is advised to be prepared to have the wind fill in and racing to resume.  It doesn’t take long for the prediction to come true.  As if by some sixth sense the wind can be seen starting in the northeast corner and closing fast. IMG_1607 Everyone scrambles to locate their transmitters and launching sticks fearing they my miss the start.  Six more races are reeled off before the dinner hour approaches.  Yes where does the time go?

We have completed 31 races in the Spring Series and with one more week to go it is still up for grabs.  “RESULTS” WE won’t race on Memorial Day Weekend but will conclude our series on Sunday May 31st 4pm south dock. If there is anyone waiting for better weather , the time is passing you by.  The prediction from the fleet captain is great weather the rest of the year.IMG_1608

Jack Bennett was kind enough to give a young spectator coaching at the art of racing his RC for one race.

Anna & Jonathan Gorbold put together a slide show of photos taken by Howard Brayman of Sunday’s races.  It is a great slide show and well worth viewing.  Follow the link:


August 1st      Squaw Island Regatta

August 22nd  The Atkins’ Hospitality Elimination Regatta

October TBD      Erie Canal Distance Races

See you on the water!!!!

The Admiral



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Gary Schmidt Returns To Racing

IMG_1526Gary Schmidt put in his first race of the year following a winter tour in Germany.  The result was stunning.   He had a third place finish beaten only by Anna Gorbold and Anne Lambert. In all fairness the race was shortened and many of us reading our GPS weather app knew it was time to get off the water.  IMG_1529We then repositioned ourselves at the pavilion to wait out the storm.  We talked about drawing straws to see who would go back out to pick up the marks and decided they would be fine there until later.

IMG_1528We did hold a fleet meeting where it was decided that plans should be made to hold our 5th annual Squaw Island Regatta on August 1st, the Atkins’ Hospitality Elimination Regatta on August 22, and an Erie Canal Race either the first or second week in October.  There are still many fine points to be ironed out but I am confident that it will all come together. Stay tuned as there will be more info as things progress.

Next week will be week 7 of our 8 week series and also the beginning of the club’s big boat racing season.  I ask that we all be thoughtful of everyone’s needs to use the docks and not park vehicles  in their way.

Once again we will be on the south dock 4-6pm Sunday May 17th.

See you on the water!!!!!

The Admiral

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Week 5 in— 3 weeks to go

IMG_0723It was just another fine day for racing Sunday afternoon.  Although the wind was light (A sail) we managed to get in 7 races in total.  Jonathan Gorbold won 3, Jay Niggli won 2, Anne Lambert won 1 and Terry Schmidt won 1.

We set up 2 courses for the afternoon to accommodate the wind changes.  For some races we sailed north south and other races east west.  It made for a lot of stop and go.  Getting too close to the docks was problematic and getting to close to an Ensign on a mooring was also dangerous.

Boat #54 was slowed down considerably by the placement of an I-phone in the boat and a GoPro attached to the mast.  Lesson learned was — make sure you have them turned on before sending the boat out cause there is not much recorded when the boat gets back if you don’t!!!!!! OPPPPPS!

Next Sunday will be Mother’s Day and week 6 of our spring racing series at the south dock CYC 4-6PM.

Hope to see you there.

The Admiral


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Midway through the Spring Series

We have now completed 4 weeks of our 8 week series and there has yet to be a boat to run off with the series.  Currently Bill Schmidt is 1 point in front of Jonathan Gorbold who is just 4 points in front of Mary Schmidt.  Click “RESULTS” to see all the scores.

Jay and I put our phones in our boats while racing to try and get a little more practice at using the “Raceqs app”.  We were able to get in one good race before Jay’s boat had an equipment failure and decided to head due south.  (It made for quite a long dingy ride)  If you are interested in seeing how the app works you will need to register at and then do a friend search for Nelson Habecker.  I added video to it but was unsuccessful at getting it synched.  My GOPRO was off by more than a few minutes.  I will work on that and hope to get you better footage in the future.

This Sunday we will be racing off the south dock of CYC at a new time as to give way to all the bigger boats that require our space at times.  The new race time will be 4 – 6pm.  The forcast is for temps in the 70’s and winds out of the northeast at 8-10 knots.  Once again we should get another perfect day on the water.


See everyone Sunday at 4.

The Admiral


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“Walkabout Fun” But “Not Without Injury”



The photo shown on this blog may be too graphic for children.

Viewer discretion is advised.

It was a great day for our annual Walkabout races.  The wind was squirrely as usual and from several directions which is to be expected.  Most of the time it was just hard to figure.

This year we tried something different by using a GPS tracking “RACEQS APP” which told us after the race that we had traveled a total of 3.1 nautical miles for the day. We also attached a camera for some on the water race footage.


While the walkabout was 2/3s of our walking we did have an additional three races before the clock ran out on us.

Keith Calkins showed up to take photos with his camera.  Go to our 2015 Walkabout Photos  to see them.  Also, George Nicks wandered down with his RC motorboat on a string.  It seems that after it goes out twenty yards or so it quits.  So Neil was nice enough to loan him his RC for a couple of races to see what it feels like to be in control of your boat and have it come back more than 20 yards from shore without a string.

Following racing we retired inside for Anne’s chili, Anna & Jonathan’s fresh bread, Maggie & Neil’s great salad, Mary & Bill’s non fattening ice cream, and Glennis Habecker’s pirate made cherry cheese cake finishers.

Oh Yea, I almost forgot the injury.  It seems that while no one was watching that a bench along our path leaped out and took a swipe at Jack Bennett.  911 was called in and a bandage was applied following the race.  He is healing slowly at home and should be back in action next week.

Walkabout Races can be Dangerous

Walkabout Races can be Dangerous






Next week we will be moving to CYC for racing off the south dock 2-4pm.

If you happen to be in the area on Saturday the 25th, CYC will be hosting the annual “Burning of the Socks” from 4-6pm with a fire pit for your socks, music, dance, and suprises.

See you on the water!!!!!

The Admiral




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Spring Series Starts with Six Races

The beginning of spring

The beginning of spring

The winds were a little light but the sunshine and 70 degree temps made everyone happy to be out racing and enjoying appetizers thanks to Jack, Maggie and Terry.  It was so nice that instead of retiring to a meal inside we brought the tables, chairs, and the meal outside with tons of sunshine.

After the RC races a few of our members decided to bring out their 1 meter boats and give them a whirl.  The rest of us proceeded  to sit down to feast on Anne’s wonderful ham & scallops and Sally’s Cesar salad. While eating, it was delightful to  hear about Neil & Maggie’s three month excursion to New Zealand. The 1 meter boys showed up to eat just as we were finishing, so as not to make them feel bad, most of us had seconds with them and then had Mary Schmidt’s Carrot cake that was the perfect icing for the day.

Oh, and before I forget we did have 6 races before time ran out on us.  With the warm day and the cold water in the lake it created a breeze that came and went from every direction. Starts and finishes were either upwind or downwind depending on the moment.  With 11 boats on the water there was a lot of positioning and bumping at the marks but in the end all boats were retrieved unharmed.


Next Sunday we will once again be at Holiday Harbor 2-4pm and will have our walkabout races weather permitting.  Jack Bennett doesn’t know it yet, but he and I will have downloaded the “RaceQs” app and will be putting our phones in our boats in hopes of being able to share the apps uses for our longer distance races we intend to have this year.  The early forecast is for another great Sunday so we should be two for two this year.

See you this Sunday on the water!!!!!


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