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            The torch has been lit and the socks have been burned.

News travels fast when it is announced that RC races are about to take place.

Spectators gathering for the races

Spectators gathering for the races

 Due to the fact that water freezes at 32(F) degrees we did not have use of the entire channel to conduct races on this first day of spring.
But, regardless, a course was set and Barbie’s Boat hull #272 entered the open water to earn the first bullet of the year.
Hull # 272 Barbie's Boat

Hull # 272 Barbie’s Boat

The second race was abandoned due to mechanical difficulties ( The main sheet came unclipped).

Drawing straws to see who retrieves Barbie's Boat

Drawing straws to see who retrieves Barbie’s Boat

The meal was great, the food abundant, wine was served, conversation was mostly about the use of certain words that get thrown about when racing, and the “Once upon a Vine” story was told by Admiral Nelson.

Conclusion of the "Once Upon a Vine" Story
Conclusion of the “Once Upon a Vine” Story

 Unable to make it to the event, Gary Schmidt, feeling depressed and left out, sent flowers.   “Thank You”  Gary

So Thoughtful

So Thoughtful

On a more serious note:

Racing begins this Sunday ( 2pm till 4pm)  at 423 Holiday Harbor if the ice has retreated. If not, we will simply move to the yacht club and return following the races for Maggie Atkins’ home made chili that she has so graciously offered. (As always, any of our RAMYA members are welcome to join us for racing and/or chili.)

It is also that time when we once again ask our members to pay their dues for the 2013 season. Annual dues for Fleet #14 RC Lasers expired at the end of October 2012. If you have not yet paid, your payment of $20 makes you an active member from 11/01/12 thru 10/31/13.

You can still pay your dues online! Click here.

The Spring Meet will soon be underway!!!!!!!!










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