Big Shake Up- Gorbold knocks Lambert out of #1 Spot Overall



After a Great day of BIG Boat Racing we assembled on the dock- got “Happy” and then put our skills to the test with the RC’s.
Some may want to change the order and their “Happy Factor” next week… others may just remain happy and keep singing and sailing~~!!:)

Winds remained steady for a Great Sunday Night Sail
We got 6 races in– all played fair and we shared the WINS.
Mary led with 2 bullets and Anne, Neil, Jonathan and Jay each enjoyed one as well.

Sunday Sept 14 will be week 4 of the Fall Series CYC south dock 4-6PM.

The ranking to date is as follows:
Fall Series:
#1: Jonathan Gorbold
#2: Gary Schmidt
#3: Anne Lambert

Overall High Series: BIG SHAKE UP!!!
Lambert led all year long… and this week Jonathan- fighting to reclaim his #1 position – indeed did and knocked Anne out of #1 position.  Who will reign come Oct 17???
#1: Jonathan Gorbold
#2: Anne Lambert
#3: Jay Niggli




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