Buying a radio controlled RC Laser sailboat and accessories

So you want to buy a radio controlled RC Laser sailboat and come out to race but don’t know what you need to purchase to get started? Although there are many accessories you could purchase, in our opinion, we recommend you buy these four things to be competitive: the standard boat package, a transmitter, waterproof receiver and an extra light air sail.

Bottom line setup is about $694.

Buy the Plug-N-Play (PNP) version of the RC Laser and then pick up a Spektrum DX6i radio (MD2 version, no servos or receiver included) and the marine receiver locally or online. Click the links to view:

  1. RC Laser PNP $484.00 *
  2. Spektrum DX 6i MD2 Transmitter $159.99 *
  3. Spektrum MR200 Marine Receiver $49.99 *

If you are going to race at Canandaigua, you should also order the “A” sail rig that includes the tall mast and boom when you order your boat because most of the time we are racing in winds less than 9 mph. 

Shopping locally for your radio and receiver?

Dan’s Crafts and Things
352 Empire Boulevard
Rochester, NY 14609-4454
(585) 482-7850


Here is a list of additional things you might consider.

*All prices were current when this page was last updated.

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  1. Bill Johansmeyer says:

    New to rc sailing in pinellas park f.l. boats are sailing in freedom lake, im going to be looking for a good used boat .

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