Nate Heinzelman Leads Fall Series

After two weeks of racing in the Fall Series, Nate Heinzelman has the early lead having won more than 50% of the heats to date.

Nate Heinzelman

Nate Heinzelman

If he keeps this up he is going to be very hard to catch.  Gary Schmidt is holding on to second and Jay Niggli five boats back is third.  “RESULTS”

We had 9 boats on the water and were able to get in 7 heats before the time expired.

For those that are record keepers we have had 854 starts and 108 heats with another 4 weeks of racing to go.  The average number of competitors  108/854=12.6 boats per heat to date.

Next week (Sunday Sept. 17th) we will be moving the starting time up by 1 hour to accommodate the J-22 fleet party that is being held.  Racing hours will be 3:30-5:30 pm off the south dock CYC.

See you on the water!!!!!

The Admiral



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