Down the backstretch we go. BACKSTRETCH Jonathan (62) has a stranglehold on his horse with the reins pulled in tight, Nelson (54) has moved up along side to challenge for that lead, a length back Jay (81) has moved into 3rd, Sean (16) has slid back to 4th, it’s a gap of two where Gary (59) remains in 5th followed by Terry (71) a half length back on the outside in 6th and further back is the rest of the field.

We were able to fit in 5 heats before time expired for the day. Neil Atkins surprised everyone when he took a bullet in the second heat. ( I think he has been sand bagging it for some time now.)  Richard finally went weedless in the last two heats to take bullets in each of them, and the Admiral was able to pull off a couple of his own.

After watching the wind pick up when we were putting our boats back in their stalls we decided to change the racing hours for the remainder of the year so as to get some of that more pleasant wind that fills in at the end of the day.  Our new racing times will be 4:30 pm till 6:30 pm. If there happens to be no wind I am sure someone will have a relevant topic for us to discuss.

“Sturdy and Bold” by Bold Laddie-Durendal, by Rameses

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