Nate Heinzelman Wins Fall Series

Junior sailor Nate Heinzelman manages to out score all takers and  easily win the six week Fall Series.  On the last day he managed a win and a second out of five heats to ensure that he would be triumphant. “RESULTS”

Nate Heinzelman

Nate Heinzelman

There was a brief delay in starting while we tried to clear the area of those pesky yacht club boats, but after that we had the docks to ourselves.  The wind was of the “A” sail type and steadily faded as the clock continued to tick.  By six o’clock it became quite evident that there would be no more races. Everyone did hang around in hopes that there would be another chance to catch the leader but it was not to be.  Nate will receive the highly regarded first place medallion on sailors night at the yacht club.

The day after sailors night we will begin our mini Frostbite Series which will include one more day at the yacht club (Oct. 22nd), a day at the Erie Canal ( Oct. 29th), and finishing up with two Sundays at Holiday Harbor (Nov. 5th & 12th).  Race time for each date will be 2-4 pm so that we can avoid trying to race in the dark.

See you on the water!!!

The Admiral

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