IMG_1496Just another day of racing if you chose the right sail.  Len Redon is the only boat to use the “D Sail” on this peaceful afternoon. He posted 3 wins 2 seconds and 1 third out of nine races to prove that the “D” was the way to go.  He was followed closely by Jay Niggli who also was able to win 3 races with his “C” sail.

I actually practiced with a “B” sail prior to racing  but changed to a “C’ as race time approached.  It is no doubt that every race had the wind speed turned up a notch.  Unfortunately no one took a picture when Anna called out “all clear” and every boat was 10 feet from the starting line laying down sideways in one of the frequent 30+ gusts that came through.


Riley Lake 4-7-13By the time we wrapped it up white caps were the norm.  You can check out the full results here.


Next week we will be racing at 423 Holiday Harbor Cdga. in our annual “Walkabout” race.  We will race into and out of all the channels on a .8 mile race to the other side of Holiday Harbor.  We will then collect ourselves and race back .  Depending on the time remaining we will have shorter races to finish out the 2pm -4pm program.

Anne is planning some sort of crock pot idea following racing so that there will be some type of reward for those who partake.


On Saturday April 20th Jonathan & Anna will be hosting an informal workshop to help all of us repair, maintain, and race our Lasers.  We will go through a preseason maintenance checklist for the boat, servos, lines, batteries, receiver, transmitter, sails, booms and masts. This will be a hands on, fix it session so everyone can learn how to do it.

If you are new to the fleet and have a new boat that you would like help in setting up bring it along and we will help you..

The time will be 3:30 pm till 5:30 pm April 20th at

3 So. Pittsford Hill

Pittsford‎ NY‎ 145349.

Chili or Black Bean soup will be on hand and a glass of wine to satisfy our hunger.  If you are interested in attending the workshop please reply to eal@onecommail.com (Admiral Nelson) with a yes so we might be able to plan the food and drinks.


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For those of you that read my blog yesterday, I listed Mary Schmidt’s e-mail incorrectly as the contact for the get together after racing.  If you wish to contact her please use sunfish77720@gmail.com .

On the keyboard you’ll find that the b & n key are right next to each other and without glasses I’m not so sure what I am sending now is correct.

I apologize for the error and hope that Mary will forgive me.

Admiral Nelson


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2013 Spring MeetThe first day works out all the bugs.

It seems that just about everyone had issues on day one.  Jack Bennett was able to repair his on/off switch just before racing started without any assistance  (well done Jack).  Gary Schmidt was able to change out a bad servo during the 3rd race and was racing the next heat (I believe it may have been in record time).  Jay Niggli’s boat arrived but was never able to come to the water (problem unknown).  Anne Lambert’s boat was cursed with faulty wiring during the first race and needed to be rescued (may have been caused by all the shivering she did before actually launching).  And even my boat hobbled back to the docks to change out what I believed was a fully charged battery pack (sometimes I hear Anne down in the den, where I keep my boat, and wonder what she is doing).

Anna Gorbold (PRO) started us with a 3 race one lap something or other series to chill all the hot hands and then fit us in 4 official races before everyone agreed that the cold was winning and Maggie’s chili was waiting.

This Sunday (4/7) we will be racing 2pm – 4pm on Riley Lake just off Culver Rd. in Rochester.  This year we will again have a separate series award for all the races that we hold there. 7 race dates are scheduled for that location, 4/7, 4/21, 4/28, 10/20, 10/27, 11/3, and 11/10.  Scoring will be 40% throw outs for  races held.

A special thanks to RAMYA & Walt Bankes for allowing us to be included on their permit to use Riley Lake this year. We hope that many of their members will join us in racing wherever we are throughout the year.

Bill & Mary Schmidt have again offered there home ( 254 Fair Oaks Ave. Rochester, NY 14618 ) and Mary’s home made Lasagna for this Sunday.  If you are planning on attending please reach out to Mary (subfish77720@gmail.com ) for any appetizers, breads, or desserts you might want to add  so we don’t overdue it.


Barbie’s Boat renamed “USS ENTERPRISE” for boldly going where no boat has gone this year

In other news – it looks like the ice has left the channels and taken most of the weeds with it.  Barbie’s Boat was sent on a discovery mission and returned safely to dock without incident.  Therefore it is all “GO” for the walkabout races to be held April 14th at Holiday Harbor.

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IMG_1444 - Copy

            The torch has been lit and the socks have been burned.

News travels fast when it is announced that RC races are about to take place.

Spectators gathering for the races

Spectators gathering for the races

 Due to the fact that water freezes at 32(F) degrees we did not have use of the entire channel to conduct races on this first day of spring.
But, regardless, a course was set and Barbie’s Boat hull #272 entered the open water to earn the first bullet of the year.
Hull # 272 Barbie's Boat

Hull # 272 Barbie’s Boat

The second race was abandoned due to mechanical difficulties ( The main sheet came unclipped).

Drawing straws to see who retrieves Barbie's Boat

Drawing straws to see who retrieves Barbie’s Boat

The meal was great, the food abundant, wine was served, conversation was mostly about the use of certain words that get thrown about when racing, and the “Once upon a Vine” story was told by Admiral Nelson.

Conclusion of the "Once Upon a Vine" Story
Conclusion of the “Once Upon a Vine” Story

 Unable to make it to the event, Gary Schmidt, feeling depressed and left out, sent flowers.   “Thank You”  Gary

So Thoughtful

So Thoughtful

On a more serious note:

Racing begins this Sunday ( 2pm till 4pm)  at 423 Holiday Harbor if the ice has retreated. If not, we will simply move to the yacht club and return following the races for Maggie Atkins’ home made chili that she has so graciously offered. (As always, any of our RAMYA members are welcome to join us for racing and/or chili.)

It is also that time when we once again ask our members to pay their dues for the 2013 season. Annual dues for Fleet #14 RC Lasers expired at the end of October 2012. If you have not yet paid, your payment of $20 makes you an active member from 11/01/12 thru 10/31/13.

You can still pay your dues online! Click here.

The Spring Meet will soon be underway!!!!!!!!










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“Health Warning” Do not attempt to roast marshmallows and always stand upwind.

Wednesday March 20th at precisely 6:53 EDT the city of Canandaigua will begin celebrating the arrival of Spring Equinox.  Although it is not a National Holiday as of yet, the RC Laser Fleet 14 sailors are planning on having their annual burning of the socks ceremony at 423 Holiday Harbor Canandaigua, NY .

Beginning at 5PM, Anne & Nelson will be at the cottage to welcome all that would like to attend.  You don’t have to bring a boat, but if the weather permits we will set out marks for you to tune up your racing skills.  Another advantage of bringing your boat is that if  we race and you finish out of the money we will have the fire going so that you can throw in both your socks and your boat.  You are asked to bring just 1 pair of socks due to the diminished air quality it causes.

Anne will be serving ham and potatoes, so if you feel like adding to it, an appetizer or dessert would be welcome.  Nelson is planning on having wine to go with dinner.

As it stands at this point, the first official race date for the spring meet will be March 24th (2PM) at 423 Holiday Harbor. The ice is fading from the channel so that we can see the conditions for racing.  The main channel where the water is deepest may be OK but the finger channels have many weeds left over from last year.  This could cause us to abandon our walkabout race later this spring.  I will pay close attention to it and keep you updated.

Polish your bottoms and charge up your batteries!!!!!!!!!   30,20,10,GO!!!!


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The 2013 North American Championship  is planned for March 1-3, 2013 at Marco Island, FL.

For the link to NOR and registration go to www.rclaserna.com

Many of the racers that came to Canandaigua will be there plus many more.

It is a great opportunity to get away from the snow and polish your skills in the warmth of Marco Island.

They are a very hospitable bunch and would enjoy our company “for sure”.  So, if you are planning on leaving the cold this winter you should fit it into your calender if you can.

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In a stunning upset, Bill Schmidt races to victory in the Frostbite series 2013.  With a net score of 95 it bested Jonathan Gorbold (2nd) with a score of 99.

I must mention that Jonathan did not compete the final week due to a pre-scheduled vacation to Scotland. But I am sure that he will re-think the timing of such a trip given the consequences.  Third place goes to the Hallagan/Pope team who managed to just keep finishing “well” unnoticed.

In the Riley Lake series it was once again Bill Schmidt who avoided the most calamities to take another victory.  Hats off to Terry Schmidt who rallied back the last week to finish 2nd unseating Jack Bennett who held on to 3rd.  For the complete results (click here).

It is also that time when we ask our members to pay their dues for the 2013 season. Annual dues for Fleet #14 RC Lasers expired at the end of October 2012. Your payment of $20 makes you an active member from 11/01/12 thru 10/31/13.

You can pay your dues online! Click here.

Or if you prefer to write a check you should make it payable to:

RC Laser Fleet #14    and send it to our treasurer

Maggie Atkins 4314 Deep Run Canandaigua, NY  14424


Thank you for your membership.

♥  Happy Holidays To All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ho Ho Ho  spring is right around the corner.




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In keeping with tradition, the top three finishers of the Frostbite Series will be awarded a “Jefferson Cup” engraved with your name and place of finish on sailors night 2013.  “It is still anyone’s race.”  Currently Johathan Gorbold holds the top spot but will be absent for the final week.  Jack Bennett follows in second and Bill Schmidt in third.

Pressure in the final week at Riley Lake is expected to come from Nelson Habecker (4th), Terry Schmidt (5th), Jay Niggli (6th), Dan Pope (7th) Anne Lambert (8th) and Neil Atkins (9th).  Any one of them can easily move up in the standings to earn the “CUP”.



Many more photos have been added to the Riley Lake album for all to view.  This photo leaves us wondering whether Anne is ducking another boat or just watching Jack’s back. ??????



Nine boats raced on Sunday with temps in the upper 60’s and winds relatively light.  Racing was called off by Anna at 3:30 for lack of wind and all retired to Bill and Mary’s home for delicious soup, bread, apple pie and very CHARGED political conversation.

Thanks to Mary and Bill!!!!!

I believe that the conversation helped bring all of us closer together. “LOL”

Sunday the 18th will be the final week for the Frostbite Series at Riley Lake.  Once again the start time is 2PM and racing expected to last till 4PM.  Following that, there will be an End of Season/ Holiday dinner of “Chicken Devon” at Anne and Nelson’s home at 47 Englewood Hill Pittsford, NY..  All are invited to come hungry with an appetiser or dessert (if you wish) but please leave your political views and shoes at the door.  (Anne hates to clean.)





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“Anna Gorbold (PRO) calling all racers to the start”

The snowflakes in the air confirmed we have properly named this series “The Frostbite Series” BUT….

Johathan Gorbold has a 1 point lead over Terry Schmidt, who has a 1 point lead over Jack Bennett after two weeks of racing.  After that comes Bill Schmidt who has a 2 point lead over Jay Niggli, who has a 1/2 point lead over Nelson Habecker.  The handicap format makes it difficult to take a day off and still hold your position…”Interesting” …  Johathan will miss the final week of racing and Terry will miss next week’s racing. That leaves Jack, Jay, and Nelson just waiting to pounce.

Check it out “Results

With racing this close we would not dare to change the venue to give any advantage, so the last two weeks of racing are planned to be held at Riley Lake.  Post time will be 2pm for the next two Sundays.

We once again have invited our RAMYA friends to join us and become the spoilers for those at the top.  It is always more fun when you have more boats on the water.

The weather forecast is for a wonderful weekend with plenty of sunshine and temps. in 90s.  “OOPS” I mean 60s.

“Thank You” Anna & Johathan for the Black Bean Soup and hospitality last week.


This week Mary and Bill Schmidt have offered their home again ( 254 Fair Oaks Ave., Rochester, NY) for soup and breads.  She’ll have the soup if we’ll bring the breads or something to pass.

There should be much to discuss after racing….




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“2 Weeks of racing on Riley Lake”

RC Fleet #14 & RAMYA Members – Oct 28, Lake Riley

The sails got wet and so did we!:) No Pictures as we could hardly see between the rain”drips”! Yes.. we were DRIPPIN!!

It was a relatively warm rain and we were among friends so…. IN All That Mattered..  ALL was GOOD!!

We were accompanied by several from the Rochester Fleet being that we were on their home turf!

Scores were after 5 races as follows:

  • Nett    7      Johathan Gorbold
  •             9      Terry Schmidt
  •            10      Jack Bennett
  •             11      Gary Schmidt
  •             20    Jay Niggli
  •             22     John Yost
  •            23.5   Nelson Habecker
  •           27.5     Anne Lambert
  •           36        Bob Rotolo

The excuses were:

  1.  Bob had a servo problem that prevented him from tacking.
  2.  Anne spent much of her time under wraps trying to stay dry.
  3.  I (Nelson) just wanted to stay close to Anne.

For the complete scoring results click on the (Results Tab) Riley Lake Series.

Apres Festivities:

We were hosted by Mary and Bill Schmidt for a toasty fire, some delightful gabber and A-A-AWesome Lasagna!


Next week Nov 4th – we will be at Riley Lake once again and Racing will start  at 2 pm.  The weather forcast is for a much brighter day with temps around 50 degrees.

We have received a WARM WELCOME  from Anna and Jonathan Gorbold for APRES SAILING FESTIVITIES at their home (3 South Pittsford Circle, Pittsford, NY 14534).

The menu is Anna’s YUMMY…Hot Black Bean Soup- It will warm our spirits!


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